Those FOI 004/18 – Assessment of application to register Aspire emails

Many borough residents are getting emails such as the one entitled ‘FOI 004/18– Assessment of application to register Aspire emails’ below from the Electoral Commission which is confusing them.

Confusing residents that is. The Electoral Commission is fooled by most things.

Simple explanation is that someone – no, not the Wapping Mole – has submitted a Freedom of Information (FOI) request about the Assessment of application to register Aspire which the Electoral Commission decided to pass.

You are being had over!

Any comments formally made on the submission like “Have you people got no common sense, it’s Lutfur Rahman again!” or “That’s the same as the Tower Hamlets Together submission which you rejected before you idiots so reject this as well!” or our favourite “Which part of ‘You are being had over’ do you not understand FFS?” therefore become subject to the FOI.

Which is why you get the email. Your personal details will not be released.

We can all now look forward to the publication of the response to FOI 004/18– Assessment of application to register Aspire and find out the real reason why Aspire was registered as a political party by the Electoral Commission.

We also approve rod fishing licenses

These might be: “It was a Tuesday. We approve any applications made on a Tuesday” or “They wrote the date on the application form really neatly, that’s good enough for us” to the perfectly reasonable “We also approve rod fishing licenses and we thought it was one of those.”

That mystery email from the Electoral Commission


I am writing to you in connection with a request for information received by The Electoral Commission which is being considered under Freedom of Information (FOI) Act.

The FOI request relates to the Commission’s assessment of the application to register Aspire as a political party.

Comment(s) which you provided to the Commission with regards to this application will be released under this request. Personal data – including your name and any contact details – will be redacted.

The FOI Act requires the Commission to disclose information in response to a request unless an exemption applies. There are two types of exemption in the FOI Act.

The first type is an ‘absolute’ exemption, whereby disclosure may be withheld if the information falls within the terms of the exemption in question. However, where the exemption in question is only covered by a ‘qualified’ exemption, we can only withhold the information if the balance of the public interest, in all the circumstances of the case, favours non-disclosure of the information.

In light of the fact that you provided this information to us, we are informing you of this request. If you wish to notify us of any particular issues or considerations that you consider relevant to the question of disclosure of this information, please let me have written details of how, in your view, disclosure of the information would be harmful by 1:00 pm on Thursday 22 February 2018. This is to enable us to consider all relevant factors in taking a decision on whether the Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires this information to be disclosed.”

So that’s all good then.

LW Comment

Moley would love to see any electoral literature with the Aspire logo on. If you have such a rare specimen please email us at

Pip pip!

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