Some questions for Cllr. Ohid Ahmed about ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman

Is Cllr. Ohid Ahmed standing as a proxy candidate for ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman in the 2018 mayoral elections in Tower Hamlets?

Ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman campaigning for Independent Group

Lutfur Rahman was banned from seeking to be elected to public office until 2020 in the electoral petition judgement handed down in 2015 and so cannot stand himself.

It is a widely held belief that Cllr. Ohid Ahmed is representing Rahman for the mayoralty.

Endorsement of Ohid Ahmed’s mayoral candidacy by Lutfur Rahman on Independent Group campaign literature.

It is also believed that the newly formed Aspire Party is a political vehicle for Lutfur Rahman despite him being banned from standing for election.

Later today we will be publishing an analysis of this issue in LW so we have just sent the email below to Cllr. Ahmed to get his answers to some questions.

Dear Cllr. Ahmed

I am writing an analysis piece on the precise nature of the political relationship between yourself, ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman and the Aspire Party which will be published on Love Wapping later today. We, and we believe the electorate of Tower Hamlets, would like answers to the questions below. All correspondence will be published.

We do this in the same spirit of honesty, fairness and transparency that underpins your campaign to build a better borough for local people.

  1. Are you standing as a proxy candidate in the May 2018 mayoral election for ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman?
  2. Can you explain the precise nature of the political relationship between yourself and Lutfur Rahman?
  3. Why do photographs of Lutfur Rahman appear on the electoral literature of both you and your supporters?
  4. This same electoral literature includes an endorsement from ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman which says he is “Proud to support your highly capable and energetic Independent Action Team & Ohid Ahmed for Mayor” Why do you think this is appropriate?
  5. Can you explain the association between the your new Aspire Party and Lutfur Rahman?
  6. Can you confirm the identities of the Aspire Party candidates for the local and mayoral elections in May?
  7. If your mayoral campaign is successful will you be employing Lutfur Rahman in any capacity?

Many thanks,

Mark Baynes

If the leaders of any other political parties active in the borough would like to contribute to this analysis we would welcome your comments which can be sent to

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