“Raine’s House will NOT be closed” says John Biggs

This statement just in from Mayor John Biggs clarifying the situation with Raine’s House ahead of the ‘Ask the Mayor’ event at Hermitage School tonight 7.30 – 9pm.

Mayor John Biggs: “Raine’s House will not be closed”

Statement from Mayor John Biggs

“The Council is not planning to close Raines House.

I want Raines to be accessible to a wide range of activities that meet the needs of Wapping’s community.

There is no agenda to squeeze out existing users but the building needs refurbishment and professional management.

No change in costs for community groups

Until the refurbishment works are carried out, we will not be changing the costs for community groups to use Raines House.

Raine’s is a jewel

Raine’s House is a jewel and should be used as a community centre for local people.

I am aware that some of its work for older people has served residents from beyond Wapping, and this is no problem because providing a place where people who know each other, and in many cases would otherwise be isolated, is the right thing to do.

It’s what a community centre is for.

Charging locals would be silly

I have asked my officers to review the charges for community use, as I agree that to charge for a group of local residents to just meet each other would be silly.”

Raine’s House

LW Comments

All clear? Yes? Good.

Thanks to the Mayor for taking the time to make it clear to Wapping residents that Raine’s House will not be closed.

LW has heard some odd rumours being spread by some people in Wapping about Raine’s House.

This needs to stop for the benefit of everyone.

We have not tried to identify the individuals who have been spreading these tall tales as we have been a bit busy trying to cover the various election antics, so hopefully John Bigg’s clarification will mean an end to them.

It also means Wapping residents can spend their time at the ‘Ask the Mayor’ event tonight discussing other things.

Hermitage School Vaughan Way Wapping tonight 7.30 – 9pm


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