Raine’s House community centre bookings

The Council has asked us to let Wapping residents know that there is now only one way to make bookings for Raine’s House community centre.

This is to clear up some confusion among residents about who to get in touch with.

To book any event at Raine’s, hire Raine’s House as a venue or find out more details about the facilities available you now need to contact the Council events team on 0207 364 6308 or email them at community.hubs@towerhamlets.gov.uk

Only bookings made through the events team are official – so if you think have made a booking through another channel then don’t be surprised if you turn up for your event and find it’s, er, a non-event.

It might be useful if Wapping shopkeepers would be kind enough to print out the information leaflet and stick it in their shop windows as well.

Let’s all make the maximum use of Raine’s House community centre for the benefit of everyone in Wapping!

So that’s 0207 364 6308 or community.hubs@towerhamlets.gov.uk

So that’s all nice and clear then!

LW Comment

So nice to write something that is nothing to do with politics or elections. Really nice.

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