People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets party applies for registration

Another day, another new party application in Tower Hamlets. This time it is the turn of Rabina Khan’s People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets party, more commonly known as PATH, to join the big leagues of political parties.

Two keys? World’s dullest logo for a political party?


The People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets application can be seen on the Electoral Commission site although to be honest there is not much there apart from the minimal amount of information shown above.

It seems likely that PATH are using the same creatively impaired graphic designer as Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire Party for its logo which is two keys on a keyring.

LW is convinced the two keys in question are just clip art as opposed to being properly designed but have yet to find the original image. If anyone does please let us know!

Quite what the keys open is not known. Maybe the PATH keys will be used to open the Aspire Party house.

We could soon have a LOCK (Lovely Old Cockney Kneesup) party in Tower Hamlets which could align with PATH and Aspire so then PATH could open up LOCK which is the guardian of the Aspire house?

But then we would need a DOOR (Dolts Optionally Outdoors Raining) party so then the PATH keys could open the LOCK to the DOOR of the Aspire house?

Just an idea.

Sorry, it’s been a long day.

The most capable politician in the borough?

Rabina Khan is one of the most capable campaigning politicians in Tower Hamlets and likely to present a significant threat to the incumbent Mayor John Biggs (Labour), especially if she manages to grab a good share of Lutfur Rahman’s voter base.

There is no love lost between Rahman and Rabina. Quite why we don’t know.

Rabina Khan of the People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH) party

In the 2015 rerun of the 2014 election ordered by Justice Mawrey when Rahman was found to have won by corrupt means Rabina Khan gave John Biggs a significant run for his money, forcing the election count to go to secondary votes.

As far as LW is aware Ms. Khan has yet to publicly distance herself from Lutfur Rahman or condemn the corruption of Rahman’s regime.

(Note to Ms. Khan – if you have made a statement along these lines please let us know. Seriously) 

That’s a tricky one as Rabina was a key member of Rahman’s cabinet between 2010 – 2014.

However it would be daft for Rabina Khan to throw away the chance of becoming the first female directly elected mayor of Tower Hamlets for the sake of a mea culpa.

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