Lutfur Rahman’s Aspire Party official launch event – but where’s Lutfur?

Lutfur Rahman’s new political party, Aspire, has been officially launched this afternoon at the Micro Business Park centre in Greatorex Street E1.

The Micro Business Park is located just off Brick Lane in Spitalfields and Banglatown, Lutfur’s heartland.

Jahed Bokth Choudhury (Aspire Party treasurer), Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury (Aspire Party leader), Ms. Lillian Collins (Aspire Party nominating officer) and Cllr. Ohid Ahmed, Lutfur’s proxy mayoral candidate, took the stage.

From left to right – unknown lady, Jahed Bokth Choudhury, Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury, Ms. Lillian Collins, Cllr. Ohid Ahmed.

Despite having no official invitation the Wapping Mole sneaked in at the back cunningly disguised as a blank council grant application form.

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Ms. Lillian Collins addresses the assembled Lutfur fans.

Despite the usual diverse array of people at the launch Moley was disappointed not to see Lutfur Rahman in attendance.

Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury addressing the gathering.

Moley can think of no reason why Lutfur Rahman would not be at the official launch of his own political party unless it is somehow connected to him being banned from running for public office until 2020.

However it was great to see that Cllr. Ohid Ahmed, Lutfur’s proxy candidate in the Tower Hamlets 2018 mayoral election was there.

As banners go, the Aspire Party leaves some room for improvement.

Aspire! Er… aspire to what? Rip off the borough for more cash than last time? Aspire not to get caught? Aspire to use a different logo than the graphically challenged black house?

Who knows? We don’t!

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