He’s back! Kevin (or Keeva) the Kingfisher returns to Wapping

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Kevin (or Keeva) the Kingfisher has returned to Wapping! Yay! Local resident Roman Werpachowski sent LW some great photos and he has kindly allowed us to share them with you.

Fishes! Oh fishes! Come out come out wherever you are!

Kevin? Or should we say ‘Keeva’?

Roman is of the opinion that Based on this very handy RSPB guide to spotting the difference between male and female Kingfishers that this is a female kingfisher as she has the orange tinge at the bottom of the beak.
Orange tinge underneath beak indicates this is a female Kingfisher.
Roman, who lives in Limehouse with his wife Agnieszka and two cats, was out for an afternoon walk along the Ornamental Canal when Agnieszka spotted Keeva perched on the chain fence next to the canal looking for lunch.
Hang on! Wossat? Fishy fishes?
“It’s been the second time we’ve seen her there, but this time I had my camera ready,” says Roman.  “I used an Olympus OM-D EM-1 II with the Panasonic-Leica 100-400mm telephoto lens. We think we’ve seen her (or another kingfisher) in the Limehouse Marina a few weeks ago.”
Incredible colours of the Wapping Kingfisher.

Many thanks to Roman for sending his photos in for everybody to enjoy. Wonderful photograhs which really show the incredible colours of this amazing bird.

As ever if you go out Kevin / Keeva spotting remember that the safety of our wildlife is the most important thing.

Do not try and get too close as you may scare the Kingfisher off and it might be a long time before its return.



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