Exploring environment and planning information in Tower Hamlets

Everyone likes a good map and having taken the momentously stupid decision to start work at 5am this morning we were pleased to discover this cartographic corker which provides environment and planning information for Tower Hamlets.

Click image to view map

Still awake? No? Oh well.

For those of you who are still paying attention our dedicated Cartographic Analysis Team suggest you have a click and zoom around the map as there is lots of useful information available about yummy things such as:

  • Neighbourhood Planning
  • CIL Office Retail Charging Zones
  • CIL Residential Charging Zones
  • Conservation Areas
  • Areas of Archaeological Importance
  • Current Planning Applications
  • Decided Planning Applications

And of course our favourite category ‘Land Exempt from Class J GPDO Office to Residential PD Rights (Article (1)6A)’. Believe us when we say that we have read (Article (1)6B) and it pales into comparison to the delights of (Article (1)6A). No contest.

On a more serious note this map is one of the many tools available on the Tower Hamlets Council ‘new Local Plan’ webpage.

Get informed

Every resident has a vested interest in the details of the Local Plan as it ‘guides and manages development in the borough’.

Development in Tower Hamlets is a major issue as it impacts how and where we all live and work. We all need to take responsibility and get informed.

Few things are more annoying than people mouthing off about issues which they know nothing about because they expect to be spoon fed information by others.

That’s not how the world works.

Click image to view map

Many thanks to Cllr. Andrew Wood (Conservative, Canary Wharf) for tweeting about this map. Mine of information (Andrew and the map.)

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