Big Half Baked Marathon – more Wapping road closures & bus diversions

Yesterday Wapping residents were kicked off the 100 bus because Wapping seemed to be closed – but why?

Then reports began to trickle in that the cobbled areas in Wapping High Street were being given lots of care and attention – but why?

Then it was discovered that Wapping High Street would be closed between its junction with Wapping Lane and Vaughan Way until Thursday at 4pm – but why?

Big Half Baked Marathon debacle

Seems Wapping High Street is being tarted up for the Big Half Marathon. Or Big Half Baked Marathon.

Work on Wapping High Street cobbles Photo: @BeatriceStandUp

This means that in addition to the road closures on Sunday 4th March which many residents were completely unaware of the key road through Wapping will be closed this week and the 100 bus service cancelled.

And nobody told Wapping residents.

Last week residents asked questions of the numerous organisations involved in the farce that is the Big Half Marathon.

At no time did Transport for London or Tower Hamlets Council mention that there would be roadworks and bus service alterations before the event.

Spineless or incompetent?

Spineless? Or just incompetent? Or both?

Below are some tweets illustrating how Wapping residents found out what was already happening after Martin Melville found himself being told the 100 bus could go no further than St. Katharine’s Dock.

Many thanks to all the Wapping residents who have helped get word out to the rest of us as to what is going on in Wapping. This is a community effort that brings out the best of us when we work together.  Please keep that information coming in!

LW Comment

The debacle that is the Big Half Baked Marathon is quite exceptional even by the low standards set by Tower Hamlets Council and Transport for London.

Residents of communities across the borough have been failed – not just those in Wapping.

Yesterday residents of E1W found out that their bus service has been stopped for three days while road repairs were made for the benefit of the Big Half Baked Marathon.

We wonder who pays for this work to take place? Big Half Baked? Us?

All this disruption just when London is to be hit by the worst cold weather for years.

Wannabe councillors are totally reliant on Wapping residents votes in the May local and mayoral election. This year we suggest the electorate fully engages with those who come knocking on doors and ask them about the Big Half Baked Marathon.

Just an idea.

We are trying to keep up with the constantly changing situation with the Big Half Baked Marathon and keep you all informed. If you find our work useful please help the Wapping Mole continue his work by donating some of your hard earned cash. Without your help and support we can’t do a thing.

Once the Big Half Baked has been run LW intends to find out exactly what went on during the organisation for this nonsense. We hope there are no more surprises to come before the weekend.




2 thoughts on “Big Half Baked Marathon – more Wapping road closures & bus diversions

  1. According to Tfl buses, the road closures are to ‘remove speed table’. (That should be tables but autocorrect won’t allow.) Does that mean we should expect further closures after the race to reinstate? Or are they being removed for good?

    1. Thanks for the info Tony. We have no idea what is going on. And if anyone in authority does know they aren’t telling the rest of us.

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