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Little has changed since our last update on the Big Half Marathon event which hits Tower Hamlets next Sunday 4th March.

Residents across the borough are continuing to ask questions of the authorities in question as something smells with the way this event suddenly decided to take over Wapping E1W for the day.

One Wapping resident who is keen to find out what Will Tuckley, who is both CEO of Tower Hamlets Council and director of London Marathon Events Ltd, had to do with organising the Big Half Marathon, is @NewsViews

Another resident sent this email to all involved:


I live in Wapping High Street and have not yet received a leaflet about the lock-in next Sunday (4th).  I don’t recall receiving the ‘save the date’ leaflet from last year either as I usually note such dates in my diary, and hadn’t.   I only became aware last week of the event happening because of posts on the Love Wapping website.

Whilst the current route information shows vehicle crossing points, can you clarify pedestrian access?  Living on the south/river side of the High Street near Wapping Overground station, at which point(s) will we be able to cross the road?

Sound familiar?

For those of you who have not seen a ‘Save the Date’ leaflet for the Big Half Marathon here is one LW was sent from the Isle of Dogs.

Big Half leaflet dated 4 October 2017 Click image for larger version

Note the generic ‘coming to your area’ and the vomit inducing insincerity of the event which “aims to be truly global and uniquely local”.

Why could the Big Half Marathon not be truly local and uniquely global we wonder? This would make no sense – just like the rest of the marketing drivel that passes for information in the leaflet above.

Like this:

“…we will send out detailed road closure plans approximately one month before the event providing further information on how the roads in your area will operate over the weekend.”

That’s ‘one month’ as in ‘never’ and ‘further information’ as in ‘none’ and ‘operate over the weekend’ as it ‘not operate over the weekend’.

Just to wind Tower Hamlets residents up even further there is this line of insincere tripe:

“May we take the opportunity to thank you in advance for your co-operation and understanding in the run-up to the Big Half”.

You may take an opportunity to thank us but not on a leaflet that few have seen despite 170,000 of them being delivered.

Tower Hamlets residents might, in some cases, take this opportunity to tell the Big Half Marathon people that they will be getting zero co-operation from quite a few people who resent their Council pimping out their communities to some event organiser without telling them.

And with that sentiment in mind LW suggests that the Big Half Marathon, Vitality UK Insurance, London Marathon Events Ltd, Transport for London, Tower Hamlets Council and other related organisers might brace themselves for further sharp doses of East End forthright opinion in the coming weeks.

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  1. I have got to say I did receive the notification of road closures and have on other events although Tower Hamlets dropped a leaflet in to say our road would be closed for humps to be put in with contact details I emailed twice as I’m a medical practitioner reliant on car to see patients…. no response yet…..

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