Big Half Marathon – both D3 and 100 bus routes disrupted

Both 100 and D3 bus routes through Wapping will be severely disrupted on Sunday 4th March. Wapping resident Paul Brocklehurst discovered this by using the cunning plan of asking Transport for London. 

Nice work Paul, nice work.

Disruption to D3 and 100 bus service due to Big Half

From 04:45 on Sunday 4th March the 100 will only operate between Aldgate Bus Station and St. Paul’s station.

From 04:30 the D3 will only run to and from Burdett Road and will not serve Canary Wharf.

Thanks for finding this information out Paul.

LW Comment

Think the D3 will be more disrupted than this as it normally operates runs along Wapping High Street between Garnett Street to Wapping Lane roundabout – which will be full of 15,000 runners on Sunday 4th March.

Best advice is to work on the basis that there will be no bus services in Wapping that day.

The operation of the 100 and D3 bus routes are essential for Wapping residents.

The elderly, the infirm and many carers with prams cannot use Wapping Overground because of the steps from the lift to the platform.

Wonder if these residents ‘warmly welcomed’ the idea of the Big Half Event? Likely not.

According to the Tower Hamlets Council press team


One thought on “Big Half Marathon – both D3 and 100 bus routes disrupted

  1. As always thanks for this.

    I have written to our councillors and Mayor to find out more.

    I have to get to work every Sunday and the 100 bus is the only viable alternative other than walking. Given where I need to get to the Overground is not an option since the number of changes means it takes the same time as walking and indeed as I have pointed out to our Mayor and councillors it costs more.

    What I would like to know is will walking be possible/viable ? I know with the London Marathon the Wapping pedestrian exit / entry is also limited to the under pass at Glamis Road, which isn’t great if you are heading West.

    I have had no leaflet from TFL nor TH communicating anything.

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