Raine’s House consultation event – some answers from the council

The council has responded to questions LW asked about the Raines’ House community centre consultation event on Saturday 27th January.

You can read the email response and a leaflet distribution list below.

The consultation leaflet can also be viewed here (PDF).

Email from Jane Abraham, Interim Head of Capital Delivery

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your email dated 24th January 2018 to Nazim Rahman. Please find below the answers to your queries.

Q: Can you tell me how this event has been advertised in terms of the number of leaflets distributed and in what manner?

A: Letters were sent to local residents living in close proximity to Raines House (list attached) and flyers distributed to those made use of the building between Monday 22 January, the date when the building was brought back into the council’s management, and Friday 25 January.

Q: Is this event publicised on the council website? If so I can't find it.

A: The event will be publicised on the council’s website

Q: Can you tell me if any consideration has been given to making use of the Childrens Centre in Chandler Street for community centre facilities in combination with Raines House? The ground floor has a commercial day care nursery but apart from this it has an unused reception area (perfect for a community centre) and two empty floors only one of which is used occasionally. It also has a lift - but nobody uses it. Because nobody uses the building. The one local charity that makes some use of the second floor has been frustrated in their attempts to get a lease sorted. This building is also unused out of hours or at weekends.

A: Raines House is in need of repair and improvement to protect the historic fabric of this Grade II listed building. Making it available to the wider community, with flexible spaces to enable the use of the building to be maximised, will support the business case for investment.

Q: I have just been told by a Wapping resident that on Monday a council officer met with pensioners in Raines House and the officer told the pensioners that the proposed plans for Raine's House would still allow them to have their usual events but the plans (as attached PDF) seem to negate that.

A: The plans shown on the flyer are initial indicative plans for the creation of a community hub. A series of consultation events will be held to gather the views of the local community about how they currently use the space and how it could be improve for future use. Feedback from these events and other consultation channels will be used to inform the design development.

Q: Residents all over the borough are sick to the teeth of consultations which are complete artifice. Just because an event is called a consultation does not make it a consultation. Why don't council officers just come and talk to people?

A: The purpose of these drop-in consultation events is for council officers and their architects to talk to local residents about the future use of the building and find out what is needed. We look forward to meeting the local community on Saturday.

Let me know if you have any further queries.

Kind regards, Jane.

Jane Abraham

Interim Head of Capital Delivery


Raines House Consultation letters: Address List

1-77 Discovery Walk
1-11 President Drive
1-8 Wellington Terrace
1-36 Stevedore Street
2 Chandler Street
3-15 Chandler Street (odd numbers)
1-36 Vinegar Street
30 Portland Square
14-30 Wapping Lane (even numbers)
Reardon House (70 flats)
Lowder House (24 flats)
65 Park Lodge (12 flats)
5 Martingale House (52 flats)
10 Binnacle House (48 flats)
15 Cordarge House (62 flats)
11 Compass House (48 flats)
Doughty Court (18 flats)
22 Wapping Health Centre
St Peters Church
St Peters Clergy House
16 Raine House
St Patricks Infants School
St Peters Centre
Wapping Library

LW Comment

‘Wapping Library’? Where’s that?


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