Operation Naga turns up the heat in hunt for Limehouse muggers

Tower Hamlets Police have issued us all with an update on ‘Operation Naga’ which is aimed at stopping the recent street robberies in Limehouse and bringing those responsible to justice. This is reproduced below.

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Operation Naga Update

The problem

  • The offences have been spread over a fairly large geographic area, with a concentration in Narrow St, Limehouse Basin and Ropemakers Field*.
  • There have been 36 offences (averaging 3/week) dating back to 24th October.
  • The timeline for these offences shows Oct (8 offences), Nov (20 offences), Dec (16 offences), Jan (so far 4 offences). There has been a notable reduction in January.
  • All the offences have been committed in the evenings but often in clusters i.e several robberies in one evening followed by a number of days with no offences.
  • The suspect profile has generally been mixed groups of teenage males (14-15yrs old) targeting lone male victims.
  • The property targeted has been mixed – cycles, mopeds, phones, wallets.
  • Most offences have involved threats/intimidation only as opposed to actual violence.

Police/Partner Response

  • 13 investigations are ongoing
  • 14 arrests have been made, 9 of these for robbery, others for possession of knives and drug trafficking. 3 offenders have been charged (separate robberies)
  • Tower Hamlets local Authority have deployed additional cameras to the area.
  • 20+ CCTV images have been secured. These have been shared with officers, schools and the wider community. To date, there has been a disappointing response to the public appeal for identifications. These provide the grounds for further arrests.
  • Additional resources have been directed to this issue and a number of plain clothes & uniform Police patrols have taken place. These continue.
  • The patrols have been complemented by those from Tower Hamlets Enforcement Officers (THEOs)


  • Police continue to engage with key local individuals.
  • The Borough Commander, Chief Superintendent Sue Williams and investigation lead, A/Detective Inspector Mike Stubbins updated the Limehouse community on this issue at a recent public meeting and responded to local concerns

Way forward

  • All offences are assessed for investigation opportunities. Further evidence is being sought and that already secured, is being processed.
  • Police continue to respond to information and intelligence that is relevant.
  • The police and THEO patrols continue.
  • These are supported by targeted engagement activity of the Rapid Response Team.

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*Not Wapping.

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