May 2018 elections – nine current allegations of criminal activity

May 2018 will see the street fight masquerading as the Tower Hamlets local and mayoral elections take place.

In complete contrast to the last Parliamentary elections, control of the borough is up for grabs and the lure of money and power (and bling) will ensure that every trick (or crime) in the book will be used.

Cat having a wash at Polling Station
Cat having a wash at Polling Station

Cynical? Us? No, just realistic.

While some have been stuffing our faces with turkey and mince pies it looks like Tower Hamlets police have been busy tracking down those with think our electoral system is just another way to line their pockets.

LW is delighted to be able to share highlights of the latest police Operational Update with you as below.

MPS Tower Hamlets Operational Update

Planning meetings

A planning meeting for the Mayoral Election was held on the 05/12/17. A proportionate and effective policing plan was discussed with a robust crime strategy in partnership with the Special Enquiry Team (SET)

Training has been arranged and underway for all Police Officers at Tower Hamlets working the Elections.

This will cover relevant legislation and electoral offences contained in the Representation of the People Act 1983 (RPA 1983). There will also be inputs from our Specialist units with expertise in this area.

We having upcoming meetings with London Borough of Tower Hamlets Council, the Electoral Commission and our colleagues from SET.

We have set up a working protocol that has been agreed whereby any allegation of crime made through LBTH will be referred directly to the police and the complainant contacted.

Nine current allegations

As of 1300hrs on Thursday 4th January 2018 the SET have received a total of nine notifications/allegations in relation to the Local and Mayoral Elections on 3rd May 2018.

Of these all nine relate specifically to London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

The table below outlines the Tower Hamlets notifications/allegations:

NumberAllegationReported BySET Update
1Canvassing ActivityMember of PublicOngoing, full circumstances to be established.
2Canvassing ActivityJournalistOngoing, full circumstances to be established
3Canvassing ActivityCouncillorOngoing, full circumstances to be established
4False Statement as to Candidate allegation.CouncillorOngoing
5False Statement as to Candidate allegation.CouncillorOngoing
6False Statement as to Candidate allegation.CouncillorOngoing
7False Statement as to Candidate allegation.CouncillorOngoing
8Breach of Imprint allegation.CouncillorOngoing
9False Statement as to Candidate allegation.CouncillorOngoing

Election Day policing

On Election day, Tower Hamlets police will have a dedicated team of officers in direct conversation with LBTH Electoral Services and will co-ordinate the policing response to any issues. There will be a comprehensive social media plan as part of the overall Communication Strategy.

Reporting electoral crime concerns

If you have any information relating to suspicious activity which you believe is related to the upcoming elections please contact Tower Hamlets police via the 101 number, use the MPS online crime reporting site or in an emergency 999.

Any allegation of crime made to Tower Hamlets council will be referred directly to the police and the complainant contacted.

LW Comment

The fact that the last Parliamentary elections in the borough were uneventful means nothing.

For at least the last year those who hold our democracy and laws in contempt have been seeking the votes that they hope will allow them to once more subvert our borough for their own ends.

Every law abiding citizen in the borough has a duty to stop this.

If you know what is going on you must contact the police and tell them what you know.

None of us would hesitate to raise the alarm if we saw a robbery or acid attack taking place in broad daylight.

Electoral crime in the form of vote rigging or corruption is no different. Tell the authorities what you know.

Other than that – let battle commence!



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