Lutfur Rahman’s ‘Independent Group’ candidates Lansbury Ward

As Tower Hamlets wait to see if the latest attempt by Lutfur Rahman to register a new political party, Aspire, succeeds we thought we should take a closer look at his current political party – or the ‘Independent Group’.

Or Tower Hamlets First as it was previously known.

Or the Aspire Party as it will be known next week if the Electoral Commission fails to do its job.

“Proud to support your highly capable and energetic Independent Action Team & Ohid Ahmed for Mayor”

LW is often criticised for directing inconvenient fact at Lutfur Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First Independent Group relating to being corruptly elected and other minor things like subverting the council grants system to line the pockets of their mates.

In an effort to balance our coverage of those Tower Hamlets councillors who were corruptly elected in 2014 and have happily pocketed their allowances as councillors ever since LW intends to make sure that everyone in the borough knows who the ‘Independent Group’ candidates are for the local and mayoral elections in May this year.

Generous, huh?

First off Lansbury Ward!

Lansbury Ward ‘Independent Group’ candidates

One of the Wapping Mole’s many community molers managed to obtain a leaflet for the Lansbury Ward team.

We have uploaded this to the ever useful Election Leaflets site and would ask you to do the same please. We would like a full set for the entire Independent Group!

Lansbury Ward ‘Independent Group’ leaflet – back


No connection with Lutfur at all

You may recognise Mr. Jahed Choudhury as the nominated treasurer of Lutfur Rahman’s proposed Aspire Party.

Mr. Choudhury was also the proposed treasurer of the Tower Hamlets Together party application a year ago which was rejected.

Apart from this Mr Choudhury has no connection with Lutfur Rahman.

Having said that all three candidates say that “We share independent mayoral candidate Cllr Ohid Ahmed and former Mayor Lutfur Rahman’s vision to create a better Tower Hamlets where everyone who lives, works or studies her is able to do so safely, fairly and with equal opportunities and access.”

Uh huh.

Difficult to find any information about Ms. Shuily Akthar apart from the fact that she stood unsuccessfully as a Tower Hamlets First candidate in 2014. 

Apart from this Ms. Akthar has no connection whatsoever with Tower Hamlets First.

Lutfur and Ohid out with the lads.

Cllr. Ohid has no connection with Tower Hamlets First or association with corruptly-elected former mayor Lutfur Rahman apart from being his proxy mayoral candidate for 2018 (Vote Ohid! Get Lutfur!) and being a close colleague for many years and Tower Hamlets First administration cabinet member.

We hope that borough residents have found the above of interest.

We do need more leaflets from all the different electoral wards so please either upload them to the Election Leaflets site  or email them to us at


Oh and just a reminder that LW runs on nothing more than hope and bloody-minded determination, so if you could spare some cash to help us it would be much appreciated!

We are desperate for funding to be honest but too polite to say so.



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