Lutfur Rahman’s ‘Independent Group’ candidates Bow North & Bow South

Stamp collecting is too exciting for many so as the Tower Hamlets local and mayoral elections loom ever closer LW is encouraging residents to take up electoral canvassing leaflets as a hobby.

It’s safe, it’s fun and it serves a valuable public purpose.

OK, two out of three ain’t bad.

Every Independent Group leaflet comes with a ringing endorsement for Cllr. Ohid Ahmed (right) from the ex-mayor and ex-solicitor known as blah blah blah (left).

The reason we are giving the ‘Independent Group’ special attention is because the Independent Group is neither independent or a group.

It is of course Lutfur Rahman’s party previously known as Tower Hamlets First.

But with all the cunning of Baldrick Tower Hamlets First came up with a plan to fool borough residents and the Electoral Commission by changing their name!

Who on earth could unravel this mystery? Everyone, that’s who.

One reason is that all the numerous ‘Independent Group’ candidates use exactly the same leaflets for their campaign which includes a fulsome endorsement from one Lutfur Rahman (ex-mayor, ex-solicitor).

Pure coincidence, natch.

The ex-mayor and ex-solicitor blah blah blah states that he is “Proud to support your highly capable and energetic Independent Action Team & Ohid Ahmed for Mayor’ on every leaflet.

Weird huh?

Many thanks to a borough resident who has sent us leaflets for Independent Group candidates standing as local councillors in Bromley North and Bromley South.

In Bromley North Cllr. Mohammed Mufti Miah is standing for re-election with his colleague Abdul Mannan (Nazrul) – identity not confirmed at the moment. If you know who Abdul Mannan (Nazrul) is please let us know.

In Bromley South we are honoured to have one Bodrul Islam Choudhury standing (identity not confirmed)  and his chum Kabir Hussain whose Facebook profile you can see here.

Bromley North leaflet


Bromley South leaflet

Despite their heavy investment in leaflets the Independent Group formerly known as Tower Hamlets First still seem to be publicity shy which is why we have decided to help them out at no charge whatsoever!

Quite why a political group endorsed by a corruptly-elected ex-mayor who is banned from standing for public office until 2020 should not have a central website where everyone can peruse details of their candidates is beyond us. After all the Tower Hamlets Labour Party does this as do all the normal political parties.

Labour’s candidate details for each ward can be found under the link. Why does the Independent Group not have a ‘Team Rahman’ link? Baffles us.

It’s not as if being publicly associated with someone who is the subject of a massive criminal investigation into the antics of the Tower Hamlets First administration could be harmful to their chances of being elected.

This is Tower Hamlets after all.

Philately is dead

If you decide to join us in our new hobby – and we recommend you do – then get busy scouring your part of Tower Hamlets for an Independent Group election leaflet.

Maybe take the kids out for a special canvassing treat at the weekend?

Exactly the same. But different

You can tell you have the correct election leaflet because it will look exactly the same as the ones on this page but with different candidates.

Please take a nice photo (in focus please!) of BOTH SIDES of the leaflet and either upload to the Election Leaflets site or email it to us at

It is very important you capture both sides. Please?

We hope you find the above information interesting and it provides you with a better understanding of the Independent Group.

The work of LW is free to you the reader but costs us a lot of time and money to research and produce. If you would like to help us by sending us some of your hard-earned cash please do so!

In return for your generosity you get a nice warm and fuzzy feeling but damn all else.

Welcome to our world.


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