Letter to Electoral Commission opposing registration of Aspire party

Below is a letter LW submitted to the Electoral Commission opposing registration of Aspire party at 15.35hrs today.

If you wish to comment on the application by the Aspire Party to the Electoral Commission you only have until midnight tonight Wednesday 17th January to do so by clicking on this link.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that other people who share your views will register their views and save you the minor inconvenience of making yours known.

Letter opposing registration of Aspire Party

Submitted electronically Wednesday 17th January.

I run a community website called Love Wapping (www.lovewapping.org) and have spent a considerable amount of the last four years investigating the corruption of Lutfur Rahman and his supporters and publishing what I have found.

On January 2017 I published this news story (http://lovewapping.org/2017/01/lutfur-rahman-makes-comeback-with-new-political-party-tower-hamlets-together/) about the attempt by Lutfur Rahman to register Tower Hamlets Together as a political party.

Almost exactly one year later I published this story (http://lovewapping.org/2018/01/aspire-lutfur-rahman-latest-attempt-to-launch-new-political-party/) about the attempt by Lutfur Rahman to register Aspire as a political party.

The Aspire registration submission on the following grounds:

  1. Aspire is another attempt by Lutfur Rahman to further influence local politics in Tower Hamlets
  2. Aspire is a front for Lutfur Rahman’s Tower Hamlets First group which was subject of numerous references by Justice Mawrey in his election petition judgement against Rahman
  3. Two of the three officers named in the Aspire application (Kalam Mahmud Abu Taher Choudhury and Jahed Bokth Choudhury) are the same close political allies of Lutfur Rahman as in the Tower Hamlets Together application, the third officer named in the Aspire application, Lillian Collins, is another close associate of Rahman.
  4. The fact that the core elements of the Aspire, Tower Hamlets Together and Tower Hamlets First logos are identical is of fundamental importance to the true identity of Aspire as the iconic representations some political parties is much more important than the party name itself. It would be easy to consider the reuse of the same house logo as a stupid mistake but in truth those submitting it have no choice. It cannot be changed.
  5. From all my information, experience and knowledge of how Lutfur Rahman’s followers operate I firmly believe that the Aspire party IS the same organisation as Tower Hamlets Together which in turn is the same organisation as Tower Hamlets First.
  6. Aspire is is nothing more than another poorly executed attempt by Lutfur Rahman and his followers to reinvigorate their corrupt methods ahead of the local and mayoral elections in May 2018
  7. Can I also ask that in future more comprehensive details of registrations are made available to the public by yourselves which should include, as a minimum, the full names and addresses of any proposed officers in addition to party logos.


Mark Baynes

The above is just what we think. Tell the Electoral Commission what you think by midnight tonight Wednesday 17th January by clicking on this link.

LW Comment

We neglected to say we do not want to be writing another story identical to those about Tower Hamlets Together and Aspire in a years time.

As ever we would much prefer to be writing about the Wapping squirrels.


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