Wapping Lane dog attack – residents meeting Monday evening

Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) are investigating an incident on Thursday afternoon when one of two West Highland Terriers was attacked by another dog causing significant injuries.

It is understood nobody else was injured.

The owner of the two ‘Westies’ was taking the dogs for a walk on the green space next to the bus stop opposite the Health Centre in Wapping Lane when the attack happened.

Injuries to Westie ‘Bobby’

Significant injuries

During the attack the Westie suffered serious injuries which later required numerous stitches. It is believed it will make a full recovery.

Close up of injuries to Westie ‘Bobby’ – teeth marks clearly visible.

Witnesses state that the dog that inflicted these injuries was not supervised in any way and the owner was nowhere to be seen during the attack.

The owner is believed to be a Wapping resident.

Meeting at Turks Head Cafe

Concerned Wapping dog owners are organising a meeting at the Turks Head Cafe on Monday 8th January at 7pm to ask for appropriate action.

It is hoped that Wapping SNT and our local councillors will be able to attend.

Court injunctions

It is believed that the person who owns the dog that attacked the Westie has been the subject of no less than three different court injunctions since 2016 relating to other incidents involving both the dog and its owner’s behaviour.

It is understood these injunctions have now lapsed.

LW Comment

We personally know all the people and dogs involved in this incident but have not named them for legal reasons.

As a community we should also be careful not to rush to judgement until all the facts of the incident are known.

There are lots of lovely dogs in Wapping and the vast majority of their owners are sensible people who ensure their dog is always controlled when in a public space.

A tiny minority of dog owners, just one or two people, have no concern for the welfare of others or their own pets – let alone their own.

It is only fair that the authorities are asked to use the sanctions they have to prevent this dog and its owner from causing more harm.

Last Thursday a dog was mauled. Next time it could be a child who is savaged and the outcome much worse.

Don’t forget, come along to the residents meeting to discuss this attack at the Turks Head Cafe on Monday 8th January at 7pm.

Update Monday 8th January 2018

Thanks for the comments on this story (see bottom of page).

We have published all comments unedited.

It is worth pointing out that the ‘your weren’t born in here’ so you have no right to <insert pretty much behaviour whatsoever> comments are a little boring now so please stop.

This attitude is offensive to those people who were not born in east London but now live in Wapping or elsewhere in the borough and contribute as much as anyone who was.

One person says that ” I’m shocked at Mark Baynes not not [sic] publishing both sides of the story. It’s a complete defamation of character.”

Well it’s not. In the circumstances its as balanced as I could make it.

Firstly due to lack of time and resources I only try and get both sides of the story if there is a possibility that ‘the other side of the story’ will have some vague resemblance to the truth. That’s why I never bother asking Lutfur Rahman and his cronies for comment.

Secondly my primary role is to support and protect Wapping as a community – so the story stands as published.

Finally I was born just south of the river (St. Thomas’ hospital) so how on earth could any of my views be of any value?




4 thoughts on “Wapping Lane dog attack – residents meeting Monday evening

  1. In response to Annie……

    I think you raise some valid points on this issue, which is certainly not black and white. It’s very difficult to judge what is prejudice against bull breeds and what is justified concern.

    I have my own views, along with everyone else, but there are also some facts that should be known before people fix their opinions.

    – The owner has a previous conviction for having a dog dangerously out of control in a public place. It’s the same dog.

    – There is a current injunction barring the dog (and owner) from Wapping Woods, and the dog from being in a public place without a lead and muzzle.

    – There is a current restraining order excluding the owner from other parts of Wapping (although I don’t know if the dog is specifically part of this one).

    As a friend of the owner, you may be reluctant to believe these facts, but they are a matter of public record. Perhaps the police will be able to confirm them if they attend the meeting this evening.

    I hope the meeting is constructive for everybody.

  2. It’s not nice to have your pet bitten, but I personally know the other dog, & this is the first time he has ever bitten a dog, although he has been bitten 5times, and gone for by several dogs, on & off leashes. I think it’s very unfair to assume the dog is dangerous. He is in fact a diabetic trained smelling dog for the owners, type 1 diabetic & anaphaltic 11yr old son.

    Also she has had problems with dog owners who have had there dogs off leashes & have tried to attack her dog, which was on a leash. The injunction numbers you mention are not correct at all.
    The incident did not happen on the green at the health center. It happen on farthing fields cobbled road, I personally witness the attack and the owner was by her dog within seconds. Also she was extremely apologetic and full of remorse.
    The dogs breed is normally met with judgment, but aren’t we tought not to “judge a book by it’s cover! ”
    I and 2 other witnesses will be at the meeting tomorrow. One of which is a 70yrr old, long time wapping resident and involved in the community. The owner will not attend, as she is very upset at the fact that, her and the dog have been misunderstood , exaggerated and basically slandered without the truth.
    It will be very interesting to see dog owners tomorrow who I know and the owner knows who do not out leashes on there dogs, i.e left outside husseys, or best one, or in park by George Orwell.
    Surely this dog & its owner have a right to defend how many unleashed dogs have attacked, bitten 5 times, or tried to attack him. Just because he’s a big breed does not make him unsocial, or aggressive. I think he’s a special animal who provides a diabetic and anaphaltic child with help when needed, and that help is life saving for that little boy!

    1. To brings this lady’s health and personnel data. It’s not allowed or fair. Why wasn’t the owner informed of the meeting. It’s almost like a slander and judged before speaking. I’m shocked at Mark Baynes not not publishing both sides of the story. It’s a complete defamation of character.
      The owner has spoken to the police and she has been advised that a private meeting is not appropriate for a Lynch mob to put down the owner and her dog.

    2. I too know the lady and her dog. I also own a Bull breed type dog and my dog is frequently prejudged by other members of the community. The ironic thing is, it’s always the smaller breeds that cause my dog and myself a problem. The dog relating to this article is a lovely loyal family dog and the best friend of a chronically ill boy. The lady above is correct in all she says regarding the whereabouts of the incident, It happened just below my flat in Farthing Fields. I am aware that the dog has been attacked by other dogs on numerous occasions and has never retaliated. My dog Tia and the above dog often play together and there has never been a problem. I also feel it very wrong to bring up the personal past of the owner. Who exactly are any of you to basically slander a member of the community when you clearly are unaware of the real facts. I am absolutely disgusted with that. I guess you all would of had a different opinion of the incident if the owner would of been able to work (she is a carer for her son) owned her own property, drove a 4×4 and had a Pug or a French Bulldog. Unfortunately when you chose to live in the East End you made the choice to live with the REAL residents of the area and I am proud to be one having been born in the London Hospital.

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