Electoral Commission approves Lutfur Rahman’s new political party

Arise Aspire! The Electoral Commission has approved the application for Lutfur Rahman’s latest political party, Aspire, to be registered.

Those with an interest in this matter were sent the email below within the last hour.

Aspire Party logo


“Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to let you know the outcome of the application to register the political party Aspire as you made a comment on it.

Following a careful assessment of the application, including comments made to us, the Commission has concluded that it meets the statutory requirements set out in the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA).  This includes that the name and emblem were suitable to appear on the register.  This also includes that the party has a constitution that sets out its structure and organisation and that it has adopted a scheme that sets out the party’s arrangements for regulating its financial affairs for the purposes of PPERA.

The Commission can only apply the statutory tests as set out in PPERA. Where an application meets the statutory tests for registration of a political party the Commission must register the party.

The party now appears on the Commission’s register of political parties in Great Britain.  This means the party is eligible to have its registered identity marks appear on ballot papers.  This also means that the party must comply with the political funding and spending rules in PPERA, including submitting annual statements of accounts to the Commission which are published on our website.

The Commission has a number of roles and duties under PPERA, including a duty to regulate political funding and spending. The law says that we ‘must monitor, and take all reasonable steps to secure, compliance with’ the rules in PPERA relating to political funding and spending.  The Commission also has a duty to maintain the registers of political parties.

We will take appropriate and proportionate steps in fulfilling those duties in respect of Aspire, as we would with all registered parties.”

The same – but different?

This is the second attempt by Lutfur Rahman to register a new political party. It is difficult to understand how this application was approved and the logo is virtually identical (see below) and two out of three officers nominated are the same if the first application was rejected. 

LW Comment

This decision is final confirmation that the Electoral Commission is not fit for purpose.

Despite the fact that neither the name of corruptly elected ex-mayor Lutfur Rahman or his proxy mayoral candidate Cllr. Ohid Ahmed’s names appear on the application there can be no doubt that Lutfur Rahman is in charge.



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