In Tower Hamlets the day of reckoning for the corrupt is near

As the police investigation into possible criminal activities during the Lutfur Rahman administration moves towards a new phase we all need to understand that it is time for individuals to stand up for justice.

It is easy to allege certain things happened, simple to say that an individual was engaged in corrupt actions with criminal motives.

It is another thing to come forward and make a formal statement to the police knowing that you may have to stand up in court and swear that what you believe is true.

Time for the whole truth

Even for the innocent witness a courtroom can be an intimidating place. That is part of its purpose.

The experience of standing in a witness box before a judge and jury and swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth focusses the mind whoever your God is.

Yet it is a very simple thing to do – tell the truth. Not what you have heard or think or wish to be real but what you know is the truth.

Upholding the law

It is a sad reflection on some of our elected councillors that two formal motions, one from Labour, one from Conservatives, were presented to Council last week reminding them to uphold the law. But that is where we are.

For many years the London Borough of Tower Hamlets has been plagued by the corrupt activities of a few. The only way the corruption can be ended is by individual residents standing up and telling the truth.

Some may be more than hesitant to do so because of the threat of intimidation from those they accuse. Threats of violence to witnesses and their families are the tools of the cowards who have used our borough as their own private cash fund.

Stealing from the mouths of children

Money meant to support those families who live in poverty went into their own pockets, literally stealing from children.

This fact alone should drive all of us to stand up and tell the truth if we know something and if we are only spectators ensure that as one community support these witnesses.

Last chance for redemption

The guilty still have a last chance for some form of redemption by coming forward and putting their hands up. For all we know this may well have happened already.

The scale and scope of Operation Lynemouth, the criminal investigation into any alleged criminal or electoral wrongdoing in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ between 25 October 2010 and 23 April 2015 is immense. The amount of work being undertaken by the Metropolitan Police is huge.

LW can personally attest to the unswerving determination of the Operation Lynemouth officers to get the job done.

Primarily driven by ordinary residents it has taken three years to get to this point and our guess is that another year will probably pass before Operation Lynemouth is completed.

The early morning knock

The good news is we also believe that very soon quite a few corrupt individuals will be rudely woken by a knock on their door at 4am one morning and taken into custody for questioning.

That is when justice will really begin. The innocent have nothing to fear.

As handcuffs tighten around their wrists the guilty might finally realise that this is what their corrupt ways has bought them.

Which is just tough.


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