Labour bribery affair – ‘Shuks’ Khalisadar denies all allegations (video)

Local businessman Abdul Shukur ‘Shuks’ Khalisadar has published a video on social media in which he denies any wrong doing or involvement in offering or paying bribes to anyone.

Abdul Shukur ‘Shuks’ Khalisadar

Mr. Khalisadar was named in a story published by the Sunday Times as claiming to be able to arrange for the £500 million Alpha Tower Isle of Dogs planning application to be approved by bribing four unnamed “gatekeepers” on Tower Hamlets council.

You can read a full transcript below the video.

Transcript of video

“My name is Abdul Shukur Khalisdar I am a local businessman in Tower Hamlets.

I making this statement in relation to recent allegations that have been made in the media.

I am aware of allegations of corruption arising out of a recording made by a consultant employed by the Far East Consortium as published in the Sunday Times on Sunday 10th December 2017 along with other allegations which have also been published.

I would love to be able to comment in detail but I have been advised that I should not do so while an investigation is taking place.

I say only this to my fellow residents of this great borough and citizens beyond, I deny any wrong doing, no contract of any sort was signed with the Far East Consortium, I have never done any work for them, and no bribes were offered or paid to anyone.

As a businessman I may not hold any public posts but I have worked very hard all my life for the development and progress of this community in whichever capacity I could.

I am known for my stance against social injustices, inequality and discrimination in all its forms.

It would not be appropriate to give any further detail while an investigation takes place but I am confident that those who know me well and know my work would agree that I would never enter into any form of corrupt arrangement.

And finally I would also like to thank my family, my friends, associates, well-wishers, and everyone in the community who has called, texted and left messages confirming that they have absolute faith in me and they will patiently wait to hear further from me once my lawyers give me the clearance to do so.

I know that you are all too aware that it is not in my nature to sit back quietly and do nothing.

Rest assured I will respond exhaustively at an appropriate time in a fashion and manner that you expect from me.

Thank you.”