Wapping Traffic Campaign starts 20th November

Tower Hamlets Police Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel for St Katharine & Wapping would like your help to build a dossier of traffic issues in our Ward.


Your contribution is vital

The Safer Neighbourhood Panel is meeting with the Highways Officials of Tower Hamlets Council in early December and want to demonstrate the extent of the traffic problems – and so your contribution is vital!

20th November – get your phones ready

To keep everyone’s efforts focused to a single week the panel would like you to take photos or videos on your phone during the week of 20th November

Please have your phones at the ready if you are on your way to work, taking the children to school, walking the dog or out shopping.

We are looking for incidents of:

  1. Speeding and dangerous driving – speeding is defined as 10mph or more over the 20mph limit.
  2. 32 tonne tipper trucks using Wapping rather than the Highway. They are not allowed to use our roads or bridges, as there is a 7.5 tonne limit in place.
  3. Volume of rush hour commuter traffic using Wapping as a rat run – and any associated problems of vehicles mounting pavements, buses getting stuck or increased danger in crossing roads, etc.

Photo details

We need evidence to show the Council so for each photo or video we need:

  • Vehicle with number plate.
  • Time, day and street the photo or video was taken on in accompanying email.

Please email your photos or video to: wappingtraffic@mail.com (that is MAIL.COM not Gmail).

All the information collated will be presented to Tower Hamlets Highways Officials attending the next Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel meeting in December.

We will update you following the meeting via OWL on-line Safer Neighbourhood watch. Please sign up if you have not already done so:-

Please send those pictures – and thank you for your help.

St. Katharine & Wapping Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel

LW Comment

This is a great idea and we can all play our part to make Wapping safer.

Rumour has it that the Wapping Mole might even be out and about with his old fashioned camera thing! How quaint!

Moley says that the most blatant stupid example of not giving a flying f**k about anyones safety he has seen recently was outside St. Peter’s London Docks Primary School at around 8.58 (when you need to be at the gate kids!) this week.

Diagram for those who do not understand how zebra crossings and road markings work.

Some dippy woman* decided that it was OK to stop on the zig-zag road markings that are part of the zebra crossing and let little Henrietta Humus-Go-Lightly out.

Maybe said dippy woman thinks that ‘cos she has a posh car – brand new silver Mercedes estate according to Moley – that it is OK to endanger other people’s children?

Absolutely not.

Seems Moley did not take a photo of dippy woman person as he had Small Person in tow.

Next time we are reliably informed he will be snapping away like the best paparazzi.

*Gender police note – could have been a dippy man or dippy non-specific gender whatever person. 


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