Vote Trumpers Jumpers and impeach Donald Trump

Some people think that voting for local Wapping charity Community Solutions* ‘Trumpers Jumpers’ project to get much needed funding from the Aviva Community Fund is in some way connected to President of the United States Donald Trump. Maybe it’s the name?  Earlier this evening a series of tweets from @realDonaldTrump was sent to LW clarifying a few things.

Over to you Mr. President. 


“…Wapping!!!!!! What sort of a name is that for the capital of France? FAKE WAPPING! Wappinger Falls in Duchess County NY is a FINE & GENUINE place – my kinda town! But WAPP-ING?”

“…TRUMPERS JUMPERS? What the hell is going on in France? First they come up with a crummy FAKE NAME like Wapping then they using my name in VAIN…. Whoever these JUMPERS are they are not TRUMP! No sir! #nofakejumpers”

“A CHARITY thing? You are crazy, right? POTUS no like this. First they JUMPING around all over Wapping France now they want you to vote for TRUMPERS JUMPERS? #notpatriots”

“I am a mostest generous charity person ever in history. FACT! No-one has ever given more of their private wealth away for FREE. And by my private wealth I mean other peoples. But these TRUMPERS JUMPERS jerks think they know more about giving than me POTUS? #nastynasty”

“These TRUMPERS JUMPERS guys want you to vote for them! WTF? Some scheme where you vote for them in this Aviva thing and the more votes they get they more they can do things for – others? WHOTHEHELLARETHESEPEOPLE?”

“….This is real collusion and dishonesty. Major violation of Be Nice to Donnie Laws – where is our Justice Department? WHY?… Just because these trumper jumperinos provide a really good service our of their own pocket they want some funding? Puhleezzzeeeee. SAD!….”

“…hey Wapping – if that is really a somewhere place. HA! As your President I demand you DO NOT vote for Trumpers Jumpers in the Aviva competition. No. Not one vote. Because every vote for these JUMPING people is a vote against Donnie! Bad……….”

“You must not click on this link which will take you directly to the Trumpers Jumpers – Community Solutions project. Tower HAMLETS? What the hell? What is France coming to? Belgium?”

“Some smart-ass clown in WAPPING says it’s a simple four-step process to vote for these TRUMPING people – yeah sure! Like it was a simple four-step process for Hillary to HIDE her emails!”

“Do not create a free AVIVA account unless you are such a commie loving liberal pinkie Democrat girl-boy that you already have an account!”

“Do not confirm your email address – JUST like Hilary! She did! DID! DID! DID!”

“And don’t you DARE give all your 10 votes to this Trumpers Jumpers AVIVA thing! 10 votes each? Per person? You frenchies in ‘Le Wapping’ are just ABROAD PEOPLE. All!”

“I have enough crap going on what with the FBI and the fake news and that guy in South Korea place and I do not NEED THIS! A vote for Trumpers Jumpers is a vote AGAINST Prez. Donald Trump!”

“The American public does not deserve this. No votey votey for trumpy jumpy. NO!”

“How the hell I am SUPPOSED to play golf every weekend when I get distracted by this sort of charity do goody goody stuff when a local ‘le charity’ wants to help it’s community somewhere in the middle of France french land-place called Wapping?”

“Remember you goddamn Foreign Abroad People! Voting for Trumpers Jumpers is the same as voting to impeach me, your Big In Charge Person! NO! NASTY!”

Full disclosure: Unlike President Trump we like to keep things simple and so in the spirit of full disclosure we should say we think Community Solutions rocks, does good work for the community through its Trumpers Jumpers and Education Station projects and the Wapping Mole helps out when it can. So we are completely and utterly biased and have no interest in listening to anyone else’s opinion on the matter.

Now go and vote forTrumpers Jumpers | Aviva Community Fund or we won’t tell you about any more scandals.

So there. #covfefe



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