Whatever you do – please do not mention the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION!

Those titans of local democracy known as Tower Hamlets First struck yet another blow for their own freedom last week by fearlessly standing up and walking out of Council.

Not a word – right?

At least two residents of Tower Hamlets were vaguely interested in this extraordinary example of standing up and walking that has not been seen since, er, the last time. Probably a week or so.

Eye witness reports say that Tower Hamlets First councillors spent some time working out the practical issues involved in standing up and walking as a group but only confused themselves further.

But why did Lutfur Rahman’s Ohid Ahmed’s Tower Hamlets First party walk out of Council?

What made Lutfur Rahman’s Ohid Ahmed’s finest do something that meant they could do even less in Council than they usually do.

We know. But we dare not mention it.


We cannot say a word.

Not even a whisper.

Because…. we are not allowed to mention the criminal investigation! [Doh! You mentioned it! Ed.]

Which criminal investigation can we not mention you ask? Well THE criminal investigation of course!

Which specific criminal investigation? There are loads!

Could this be the criminal investigation into any alleged criminal activities which might have occurred during a period of time which happens to be the same period of time that Tower Hamlets Smurfs were in power investigation perhaps?

Which criminal investigation?

Could this be the same criminal investigation by 20 of the most experienced detectives in the Metropolitan Police?

The same criminal investigation being undertaken by the Metropolitan Police which we wrote about here?

Or maybe the criminal investigation we wrote about here? Or here?

Possibly. But whichever criminal investigation it actually is let’s just agree to NOT MENTION THAT CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION.

You know – that one. We don’t mention.

Never ever again.


Not a peep.


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