Brewhouse Lane development consultation – report and information boards

Yesterday the Brewhouse Lane development consultation was held at Tobacco Dock and we sent along the entire LW Planning Application Scrutiny Team to have a look.

Overall our team were impressed by the details of the new development and the Cunnane Town Planning staff were extremely helpful and informative.

They told LW and other Wapping residents that this is in fact a separate development to the King Henry’s Wharves scheme, Sam Smith’s Brewery (owners of the Captain Kidd) are behind the Brewhouse Lane plan.

Several questions were asked about how the construction work for this development would fit in with that of King Henry’s Wharves, in particular the way in which construction materials would be delivered to the site – or the CMP as it is known.

Answer seems to be that Brewhouse Lane will, if planning permission is granted, be built after King Henry’s Wharves.

However as the King Henry’s Wharves CMP has yet to be approved this is still a bit vague.

Cunnane have just informed us that when the CMP is being prepared, the likelihood is that we will have a specific consultation event to present and discuss it. They will be in touch when this event has been organised.

If you wish to submit your views you can send an email to

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