Wyatt Park residents fight property developers for right to privacy

Far, far away from Tower Hamlets residents of Wyatt Park, Wavertree Road and Daysbrook Road in Lambeth are fighting a battle against property developers that needs your support.

In a small attempt to help the Wyatt Park Residents Group LW is asking you to check out their video (below) and also support the Wyatt Park crowdfunding drive to pay for legal help with their fight.


You can also follow Wyatt Park Residents Group on twitter @WPRRG .

It seems the issue is that developers Hambridge Homes are building so close to existing Wyatt Park residents homes that they have lost their privacy in their own homes. Nice, huh?

Few will be surprised to learn that Lambeth Borough Council is not being much help. Check out the sterling work of Peoples Audit to find out more about Lambeth.

You may remember we have previously covered the work of People’s Audit on LW here.

Different borough, same problem.


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