Police advice as Halloween ‘trick or treat’ hell descends upon us

Call it cultural imperialism, call it another way for supermarkets to squeeze money out of you, or just call it a complete pain in the arse – Halloween is nearly upon us.

The police, displaying the utmost patience and tact, have issued the advice below and a handy poster you can stick in your window to deter small children from your premises.

Love Wapping, in the true spirit of those who are happy to be called grumpy old farts, has also published our own poster which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Official Police advice and poster

As the Safer Neighbourhood Team point out, whilst the majority of people are law-abiding and engage with these events responsibly, it is also the time when Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) increases.

So here is the official SNT advice for residents.

  1. If you are intending to go ‘trick or treating’, please be mindful that not all residents want to be disturbed. Also, be polite when asking for treats. If you get no response or no treats are forthcoming, please do not ‘trick’ the person as it is not nice and potentially, they can be seen as criminal offences.
  2. If a household has displayed a No to Trick or Treat sign, or any sign indicating that they do not want to be disturbed, please respect this!
  3. When out ‘trick or treating’, please be mindful and considerate to other people on the streets. If you are wearing scary costumes (especially very realistic ones), please do not hide and jump at people with the intent that you want to scare them (if you do not know them) as this act could be viewed unintentionally malicious.
  4. Consider going ‘trick or treating’ as a group with friends and / or family.
  5. Do wear something that is light, reflective or carry a light so that you can be seen safely by drivers and a responsible person.

You can download the signs from the Safe4Autumn weblink here, indicating if you do want to be called-upon by a ’Trick or Treater. You can get further advice from the Met Police here.

Official Love Wapping advice and poster

Ignore the little sods.

Short, sharp and to the point.

You can download a PDF version of the above image here.


Jack o Lantern photo by Toby OrdOwn work, CC BY-SA 2.5, Link




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