New (better, wider) speed bumps in Wapping High Street

Baffled as to why Wapping High Street has been closed for a few days? Baffle no more, the team from Riney have been busy putting in some lovely new speed bumps!

Oh and they have been fixing some of the sets (aka cobbles) in the road too.

But why did they have to close the whole of the High Street off?

Well the photo above of the new speed bumps between the Captain Kidd and the MPS Marine Unit shows they had to resurface the whole width of the road before the bumps could be installed.

Apparently there will be more new speed bumps near the Town of Ramsgate but when these are installed there will be no need to close the whole road.

The new bumps are part of work being carried out across the borough by Riney for the Council replacing the knackered useless bits of rubber that brought the words ‘speed bump’ into disrepute.

As you can see from the photos the new bumps are wider than the rubber ones so there is no driving over them with wheels either side. (Don’t tell the boy racers – they can find out themselves).

Being very sad people our Road Rangers (associated in a very loose sense with the Love Wapping Wildlife Rangers but to be honest the two teams really do not get on) spent a happy ten minutes watching the speed bumps do the whole bumpy thing.

OK, none of the vehicles photographed above were doing anything other than a lot less than 20 MPH but you can see the improvement if you care to take a peek.

And who wouldn’t?

Mmm…. speed bumps!




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