Natasha Boulter joins Team Lutfur Rahman as Isle of Dogs candidate

LW can exclusively reveal that Natasha Boulter has joined Lutfur Rahman’s team and will be standing as a ‘Independent’ candidate for the Isle of Dogs ward in the 2018 local elections.

The Wapping Mole tells us that this latest carefully calculated political move by Ms. Boulter was agreed in person with Lutfur Rahman when they met for dinner recently.

We asked one of our self-professed political experts for her analyis and she said that she had no idea who Ms. Boulter is.

Cllr. Maium Miah, Worzel Gummidge, Natasha Boulter
Cllr. Maium Miah, Worzel Gummidge (centre), Natasha Boulter at Chrisp Street Market

Ms. Boulter came to fame when she was selected by UKIP to be one of its candidates after defecting to UKIP from the Labour Party. Well, in fact she was excluded from Labour because she did not pay her subscriptions. 

Cllr. Maium Miah and Natasha Boulter at Chrisp Street Market with Mayoral candidate Cllr. Ohid Ahmed (second from left) at Chrisp Street Market.

In the video below she is introduced by UKIP General Secretary Roger Bird as having a degree in Politics Philosophy and Economics (PPE) from Oxford University.

Well, that is ‘having a PPE from Oxford’ as in not having a PPE from Oxford according to, er, Oxford University.

Ms. Boulter has also been in the news in relation to UKIP General Secretary Roger Bird and UKIP’s Head of Candidates David Soutter. Which is no-ones business at all. Unless you are standing for public office then it is.

Ms. Boulter will join Cllr. Maium Miah to fight Lutfur’s cause on the Isle of Dogs.

Maybe Ms. Boulter has finally found a political party that she feels is a good match with her personal and political values? We hope so.

Can you spot the ex-Mayor?

Continuing our occasional series of ‘Can you sport the ex-Mayor?’ competitions here is another photo from Chrisp Street market over the weekend. Can you spot the ex-Mayor? (Hint: Red. Circle).

Can you spot the ex-Mayor?

Did you spot him? Extra points if you can name him.

“I know Ohid, if I only show my profile no-one will recognise me!”


No? Oh well.

Not a front, just in front.

We can confirm that the person hiding behind Cllr. Ohid Ahmed, the Independent Group candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets in 2018 is in fact ex-Mayor Lutfur Rahman, the Independent Group candidate for Mayor of Tower Hamlets in 2018 the um, person. Hiding behind the other person. Who is not a front for the person behind him. Not in front of the person behind him. Well, the person behind him is behind him so he is, technically, in front of that person but is not in any way whatsoever a front for that person. That he is in front of. For.

Maybe Lutfur should wear the dark glasses next time Ohid?

Anyway a good time was had by all at Chrisp Street including Ms. Boulter and all former and future Mayors – especially if those that are the same person.

Natasha Boulter on YouTube

Our favourite.

Defecting from / being kicked out of Labour Party and joining UKIP

Impropriety? In politics? Well I never…

Roger Bird ‘lied over relationship’ claims UKIP activist Natasha Bolter – Newsnight

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