Wapping’s Egyptian Geese goslings continue to thrive on Shadwell Basin

All six Egyptian Geese goslings continue to thrive on and around Shadwell Basin and are now much more than just small balls of fluff.

Love Wapping sent its entire team of Wildlife Rangers along a few days ago to check on our much loved geese, lie on the ground and get some photographs.

You can see from the first two photographs how much they have grown on a diet of best Shadwell grass.

22nd August 2017 compared to…


….9th July 2017.


Adult or gosling?


Snaffling up any available grass.


Adult feathers developing fast.


This gosling prefers it’s lunch sitting down.


The adult geese keep watch on the family. City of London skyscrapers in background.


Time for a nice swim.


9th July 2017



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