Wapping Lido Planning Application PA/16/01978 Letter

Tower Hamlets Council claims that 639 of these letters relating to a planning meeting to be held on 9th August to consider Wapping Lido Planning Application PA/16/01978 have been sent out.

Trouble is very few people seem to have received them.

So we thought we would dedicate a whole post to this copy sent in by a concerned resident.


Opaque planning

Council planning procedures and the perceived lack of transparency in ‘consultations’ by property developers are making residents angry.

The Wapping Lido application, a joint planning application by the Turks Head Company (actually a charity) and the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre is just one example.

Another example of opaque planning and property development is the just plain weird events surrounding Island Gardens on the Isle of Dogs.

Friends of Island Gardens

The Friends of Island Gardens have been fighting a battle to prevent developers building on the Calders Wharf site, as they believe it is still publicly owned and should be restored to being part of the gardens for the public to enjoy.

Maybe Wapping residents should establish Friends of Shadwell Basin to ensure that Shadwell Basin is not redeveloped for the benefit of someone’s pocket but for the public good?

If the planning system is broken – and everything we see and hear says it is – then the only way to get it fixed is for residents to establish their own pressure groups to fight back.


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