Wapping Lido application – anyone fancy revolting at the Town Hall?

Tomorrow 7pm Wednesday 9th August the Council’s Development Committee will be meeting at the Town Hall to examine the Wapping Lido Planning Application PA/16/01978. Why not come along? Meet-up at 6.45pm outside the Town Hall. You can find directions here. 

You can see full details of the agenda for the Development Committee meeting right here where you can see that at the moment the official recommendation is “That the Committee resolve to GRANT planning permission subject to conditions and informatives.”

So as things stand the Wapping Lido Planning Application PA/16/01978 will be granted unless the Development Committee finds fault with it.

It seems to be the case that many people, even those living right next to Shadwell Basin, did not receive this letter about the Development Committee meeting .

It also seems fair to say that the Turks Head Company’s consultation’s at Shadwell Basin were not models of transparency. (“Are you sure you are allowed to say that without asking permission first?” Ed.)

Off our arses

So bottom line is we need to get off our arses and turn up at the Town Hall. Not to protest but to examine the process in person. It’s called democracy. The public gallery has space for 50 people.

Two members of the public can speak before the Committee for three minutes each on a first-come first-served basis. Both those slots have been filled, at least one of whom is speaking against Planning Application PA/16/01978.

This is not a protest and those who sit in the public gallery are not allowed to comment.

You can find out more about what the Development Committee gets up to here.  but essentially it’s role is to  “determine applications for planning/listed/conservation area consent which have triggered over 20 representations (in support or against) and/or that meet certain criteria with regards to size amongst other issues.”

Meet-up at 6.45pm outside the Town Hall tomorrow.

Be there. Revolutionary fervour optional.


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