Asda Isle of Dogs development withdrawn, Island residents victorious

The controversial proposal by Ashbourne Beech to redevelop the Asda site on the Isle of Dogs has been withdrawn after objections by residents who believed the proposal to be excessive.

Cllr. Peter Golds
Cllr. Peter Golds

“I am delighted that Ashbourne Beech have withdrawn this crass example of overdevelopment,”said Cllr. Peter Golds (Island Gardens) who is Leader of the Conservative Group on Tower Hamlets Council who led the campaign.

“The 2013 scheme of 850 homes was considered excessive, 2,000 new homes in towers rising to 33 stories would have dominated Crossharbour and Mudchute Park,”

Artists impression of Asda Isle of Dogs site

On 24th July there was a crowded meeting at Crossharbour when local residents expressed their concern at what they considered to be overdevelopment of the Asda site.

The development would have meant the loss of the only petrol station on the Isle of Dogs as well as the loss of the historic Cubitt Town Library which would have been replaced by an Ideas Store and a new theatre.

“Planners and the Mayor must now listen to Islanders,” said Cllr. Golds. “The petrol station is an essential local service. In any future scheme it should stay.

The Island cannot sustain massive development without infrastructure. If 750 new homes on this site is regarded as overdevelopment, what on earth is 2,000?”



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