TfL road closures: “This cavalier attitude is unacceptable” says Desai

The cause of the TfL / IAAF marathon road closures fiasco last weekend are still unclear. Were the roads open after residents were told they were to be closed? No-one knows.

An empty road. Was it closed? Or was it open?

Was the problem that open roads across Tower Hamlets were closed then opened?

Or that closed roads were opened then closed? Or something in between? (See quantum road theory below)

It probably only makes sense if you wear a hi-vis jacket and have the words ‘Project Manager’ in your job title.

Unmesh Desai

“Unbelievable and frustrating – whilst one can understand the logistical problems associated with the hosting of major events this cavalier attitude is unacceptable,” said Unmesh Desai, GLA Member for Barking & Dagenham, City of London, Newham and Tower Hamlets when informed by LW of the surreal road situation last weekend.

“I will be raising this with both TfL and Val Shawcross.” (Val Shawcross CBE is Deputy Mayor for Transport at the GLA. )

Whatever the reality of the issue at least it highlights the general mickey taking of Tower Hamlets residents from Tower Hill to the Isle of Dogs and beyond.

When major roads in the south of the borough such as The Highway, Limehouse Link and the Isle of Dogs are closed – or not really closed but pretend closed which is pretty much the same – the entire borough is effected.

Tower Hamlets is privileged to host so many world-class sporting events but their frequency is becoming a little problematic for some.

Quantum Theory of Road Closures

It could be possible that Wapping’s road are subject to quantum processes in that the mere process of observing the road changes its state so it is not possible to work out if the road is really closed or open.

Solvay Conference, Brussels, 1927

LW submitted the TfL road / closed problem to the Solvay Conference for discussion but it was unanimously rejected as being “well ‘ard”.

Oh well.



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