Lutfur Rahman’s Mayoral campaign continues (with a little help from Ohid)

The campaign to return Lutfur Rahman to power in Tower Hamlets continues as he and his team canvass the streets of the borough.

As these photographs show despite being found guilty of corrupt practise and banned from office Lutfur continues to organise his return to power in the 2018 Mayoral election.

“Say cheese!” Lutfur Rahman pictured with his canvassing team in Poplar

Lutfur and his people have been making the most of the recent good weather to hit the streets and spread the word as to why Lutfur is the best option to lead the borough in 2018.


Maybe Lutfur is taking this pic?

These photos show Lutfur Rahman’s team gathered outside Stroudley Walk Health Centre in Poplar E3 3EW in buoyant mood. Look carefully and you can see Ohid Ahmed, fifth from left wearing shades.

Naive spectators of the every lively Tower Hamlets political scene still believe that because Ohid Ahmed is the official Mayoral candidate for the, um, Tower Hamlets First / Together / Independent Group / It’s Monday Lets Choose A New Name / Party Cllr. Ohid will actually be the next Mayor.

He won’t.

Lutfur Rahman will.

This is because if (when?) Ohid Ahmed becomes Mayor one of his first actions will be to appoint Lutfur Rahman as a Mayoral advisor of some sort. Which he is legally entitled to do.

Ohid Ahmed may (will?) sit on the throne but Lutfur Rahman will be behind it.


Out campaigning for Tower Hamlets….er…. First? Together? Second?


To confuse matters even more Ohid Ahmed is currently the Independent Group councillor for Lansbury. 

Oddly Ohid’s / Lutfur’s electoral literature is pretty much the same as that for the Tower Hamlets First party.

Voters could be forgiven if they thought that the Independent Group was in fact Tower Hamlets First and vice versa.

Together we can – and together they probably will.

On each piece of literature the photographs of both Ohid Ahmed and Lutfur Rahman appear side by side.

Tower Hamlets Together / First / Independent Group newsletter.

This cunning plan, despite lacking any sophistication whatsoever, is completely fooling those in power who like to think they are in charge of the democratic process in the UK.

Lutfur Rahman is running rings around the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG), the Electoral Commission and that pesky democracy thing.

And there is not thing one anyone can do about it.

Sure, Rahman does not have the complete domination of the Bengali political vote that he enjoyed when in officer, but he has enough support to get thing done.

LW Comment

There is a sad inevitability to the politics of Tower Hamlets. The winners will always be one dysfunctional political clique or another, the losers always the residents.

The current Labour administration has been weakened by several councillors announcing they will not be standing for election in 2018.

Cllr. Rabina Khan

According to some insiders it might even be the case that some of the remaining Labour councillors, or even their replacements, will indulge themselves in the borough tradition of jumping ship from Labour to Lutfur Rahman’s team as soon as they are sure the ex-Mayor will be returned to power in May next year behind the proxy candidature of Ohid Ahmed.

Mayor Biggs considers that he needs a second term in office to get his job done and will fight hard to stay in his job.

A decent hard-working politician, Mayor Biggs may not have the strong political machine a politician needs to hold onto power in the East End.

Problem is that the only question for many on the streets of the borough is will it be Team Ohid Ahmed / Lutfur Rahman or Team Rabina Khan that comes to power ?

Unfortunately Lutfur Rahman is absolutely determined that Cllr. Rabina Khan, Leader of the People’s Alliance of Tower Hamlets (PATH) Group, his previous Cabinet Member for Housing, will not come to power.

Like it or loathe it Lutfur Rahman is likely to be the de facto Mayor of Tower Hamlets come May 2018.

Joke is that it seems that Rahman will not have to cheat to get back in power.  He could win fair and square.

Quite what happens then is anyone’s guess.




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