London Tunnel Run stuffed, Tower Hamlets residents well chuffed

The London Tunnel Run, an event that has caused huge amounts of annoyance and disruption to Tower Hamlets residents for years, may finally have come to an end.

London Tunnel Run – small boys of various ages in cars irritating everyone.

Rotherhithe SNT (Safer Neighbourhood Team), just over the water from Wapping, have published the message below on social media serving notice on anyone who might try to drive their cars through the tunnels of the Isle of Dogs and Limehouse to see how much noise they can make.

Robust response promised

The promise of being dealt with ‘robustly’ is never good if you are likely to be on the receiving end of the robustness.

Here’s the text, tweet below.

“The London Tunnel Run

The Metropolitan Police are aware of the above event occurring on Sunday 27th August 2017 and there will be officers patrolling the Rotherhithe (SE16) area.

Unnecessary noise, antisocial behaviour or traffic offences will be dealt with robustly by police.

There is a dispersal zone in place for the majority of the Rotherhithe / Surrey Docks / Canada Water area and Section 59 notices may be used, to allow police to disperse those behaving anti-socially and seize vehicles where necessary.

Please do not risk coming to this event and losing your vehicle.

CCTV, ANPR [Automatic Number Plate Recognition Cameras] and witness statements will be used retrospectively for any offenders and the vehicle owners maybe prosecuted.”

Advert for previous Tunnel Run

Mindless fun?

Previous London Tunnel Runs have typically started in Surrey Quays Car Park with a gathering of vehicles that has then been joined by large numbers of other vehicles coming to the area in groups from all parts of the country.

The massed vehicles are then driven through the road tunnel complex under the Isle of Dogs and elsewhere with the intention of making as much noise as possible from the echoes of the car’s engines.

Mindless fun for some, absolute misery for Tower Hamlets residents who live in proximity to the tunnels or who have the misfortune to want to try and drive from A to B at the same time as the Tunnel Run.

For some years local councillor Andrew Wood (Conservative, Canary Wharf) has been leading the drive to get the event banned and encouraging the police to engage robustly with those who still turn up.

Those who do try and attend the London Tunnel Run may find their cars have all sorts of free customisations applied.

Previous attempts to stop the Tunnel Runs happening have not always been a success but this time it seems the authorities do mean business.

Comments from Cllr. Wood as soon as we get hold of him. Maybe he is stuck in traffic.

“We have to continue to be vigilant”

Cllr. Andrew Wood

“I have seen messages that suggest that this weekend that the event organisers will hold a static event outside of London,” said Cllr. Andrew Wood (pictured left).

That would be welcome as most attendee’s just want to admire their cars but they have always been let down by their own large numbers which overwhelm the local road network and the actions of a few who use these events to make lots of noise late at night in residential areas.

Thanks to the Police who sent the warning messages and to residents who sent me information on social media which I then shared with the Police, Council and Canary Wharf Group.

But we have to continue to be vigilant. There have been tunnel runs in previous years, the police organise a forceful response, then things go quiet and a few years later the tunnellers try again and find no organised response so they keep visiting until a response can be organised.”


LW Comment

The Wapping Mole loves tunnels, but not when they are filled with noisy cars.



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    1. Thanks for your input. The only holes in our story are the tunnels you and your mates have, in the past, taken over and caused havoc and misery to lots of people.

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