Lib Dems Stephen O’Shea on the case with TfL road closures farce

Stephen O’Shea, the official Liberal Democrats candidate for St Katherine’s & Wapping in the 2018 local elections, seems to be on the case with Transport for London (TfL) and the recent road closures farce.  

Stephen and his colleagues will be attending a meeting with TfL at City Hall next week, to discuss the ‘lock-in’ issues that have been affecting Wapping due to events in London.

Stephen out and about

The meeting is being organised by Liberal Democrat GLA Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon, who is chair of the Transport Committee.

GLA Member Unmesh Desai is also on TfL’s case. 

If you are a Wapping resident and want to contact Stephen for support with any local issues, please call him on 07505 982212, or email him at or follow him on Twitter @SJROShea

Stephen O’Shea, Liberal Democrat

Or you could wander around Wapping like you normally do and will almost certainly bump into him. Easy.

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