130,000 residents get free WiFi in first phase of £1.75m Council rollout

Tower Hamlets Council has approved a £1.75m of investment into free Wifi in town centres and social housing.

The first phase will happen by autumn 2018 when over 800 businesses in Brick Lane, Watney Market and Chrisp Street town centres and over 130,000 residents living within 800 metres of these centres will be able to access the free service.



The council will also arrange for free digital training for residents so they will then have both the infrastructure and the skills to use the free Wifi.

Residents such as Mark Lewis of Limehouse are looking forward to the provision of free WiFi as it will allow him to do more – for free.

During the Rahman administration there were no steps taken by the Council to improve our digital infrastructure.

While some areas such as Wapping still have broadband speeds worse than many rural areas it is good to see the Council starting to address the digital needs of the Borough.

LW Comment

Top stuff! Many people in the Borough cannot afford the cost of an internet connection and so are digitally disenfranchised. Hopefully this excellent new approach will rectify that.

We might even get loads more readers. Well, just one more would be fine.

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