Nine Egyptian Geese goslings in Shadwell Basin

Many residents have reported the Egyptian Geese goslings in Shadwell Basin and so we sent our Wildlife Rangers down to east Wapping to see what was going on.

The Egyptian Geese are the Wapping Wildlife Rangers firm favourites due to their incredible plumage, cheeky character and that unique cry.

Everyone all nice and asleep in the sunshine while Dad keeps an eye out.

Our Rangers did not have much trouble in finding the new arrivals.

Hang on! Do we smell bread?

The parents had somehow managed to get all their offspring out of the water and onto the old dock just by Wapping Woods.


While Egyptian Geese are very good with humans they are pretty fierce with any other animals.

One of the goslings getting used to the walking on land thing.

The Wildlife Rangers have been observing the Egyptian Geese for a good few years now but have never seen any goslings.

Even at a young age the Egyptian Geese show their character.

With a bit of luck the goslings will mean more Egyptian Geese in Wapping and Shadwell.

Snack over it’s time for everyone to have a look at Shadwell Basin.

One problem all wild birds have in Wapping is a lack of suitable places to nest.

But not for long – much easier to all cuddle up for another sleep.

Some bird nests on the Basin have been deliberately destroyed, not out of idle vandalism but for more ‘commercial’ reasons.

Sleeping arrangements are not quite perfect so some rearrangement is needed…

LW and the Rangers would like to spend more time working on wildlife issues – especially nesting habitats – than all the political nonsense that goes on.

… until everyone is happy with the new arrangement.

Maybe the new arrivals are a sign of a better future direction for LW?

Just enjoying the sunshine on the Basin.

Either way our Rangers all hope you enjoy the photographs and of course that you all keep an eye out for the Egyptian Geese goslings as they grow.

Any problems then you will probably have to take immediate direct action.

No-one messes with our Egyptian Geese!


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