How to contact emergency services in Tower Hamlets

An ominous sign of the times is that we consider it necessary to provide all the different ways to get in touch with the emergency services.  From swans to terrorism via police, fire and ambulance to Wapping’s very own navy, we think we have covered everything.

And this is a good place to ask you to please do not under any circumstances whatsoever contact Love Wapping if you witness a crime (yes, it does happen).

Also please remember that taking a photo or video of a crime or accident and posting to your friends before (or instead of) reporting it is just plain wrong. Social media is not real life, never has been, never will be.

Lost or injured swans

If you find a lost or injured swan then please contact our friends at the Swan Sanctuary in Shepperton.

You can contact the Swan Sanctuary on 01932 240790

Please make sure you have the exact location of the sick of injured swan to hand for the Sanctuary to pass on to their rescuers – all of whom are volunteers.

Police non-emergency 101

You should dial 101 to

  • Report a crime not currently in progress – for example a stolen car, burglary, or damaged property.
  • Give information to the police about crime in your area.
  • Speak to the police about a general enquiry.
  • Contact a specific police officer or member of staff.

Police, Fire, Ambulance – 999

In a genuine emergency telephone 999.

If you are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing or have a speech impairment, a text phone is available on 18000.

You should use these numbers if:

  • A crime is happening right now.
  • Someone is in immediate danger, or there is a risk of serious damage to property.
  • A suspect for a serious crime is nearby.
  • There is a traffic collision involving injury or danger to other road users.

Report a road traffic incident in London

If you’ve been involved in a road traffic collision, or think you might have witnessed an offence on the roads in London, you can report it using this online tool.

Still not sure how to report a crime?

If in doubt use this Metropolitan Police link to find out the best way to contact them.


Anti-terrorist Hotline 0800 789 321

Use this Home Office link if you want to report online material promoting terrorism or extremism such as:

  • Articles, images, speeches or videos that promote terrorism or encourage violence
  • Content encouraging people to commit acts of terrorism
  • Websites made by terrorist or extremist organisations
  • Videos of terrorist attacks

You can make your report anonymously.

Emergency Services on Social Media

These links are provided for information as social media is a great way to understand what the emergency services do – but please do not report crime to the police using Twitter, use the contact details above instead.


Metropolitan Police @metpoliceuk

Metropolitan Police Contact Centre for non-emergency enquiries between 8am – 8pm MetCC

City of London Police @CityPolice

London Ambulance @Ldn_Ambulance

London Fire Brigade @LondonFire

London’s Air Ambulance @LDNairamb

MPS Marine Policing Unit (Based in Wapping) @MPSonthewater

Roads & Transport Policing Command @MPSRTPC

London Borough of Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets Police @MPSTowerHam

Tower Hamlets Police on Facebook

Wapping Police @MPSWapping

Poplar Police @MPSPoplar

Whitechapel Police @MPSWhitechapel



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