Tower Hamlets General Election 2017 results (and where was Cllr. Oliur Rahman?)

To the surprise of absolutely nobody both Rushanara Ali and Jim Fitzpatrick have been re-elected to their seats so we can revert to calling them Rushanara Ali MP and Jim Fitzpatrick MP.

You can see the results for both Tower Hamlets constituencies here on the Council site.

Or you can see them on the much whizzier BBC Election 2017 site although the numbers are the same.

Bethnal Green & Bow results (BBC)

Poplar & Limehouse results (BBC)

Rushanara Ali saw an 10.63% increase in the Labour vote, Jim Fitzpatrick saw a 8.71% increase.

LW Comment

So where was corruptly elected Cllr. Oliur Rahman?

Seems that the ‘independent’ candidate for Poplar and Limehouse Oliur Rahman could not be arsed to attend the election count last night. At least this shows consistency of attitude towards the electorate as he could not be arsed to attend hustings either.

Oliur might take time out to reflect why any voter should be arsed to vote for him if he does not carry out the basic duties of a candidate?

It is more likely that he will be trying to work out why people who said they would vote for him did not. He may at some point realise that he was just a pawn in a much bigger political game and that few have any interest in what he does.

He may have thought that imitating the selective canvassing strategy of other corruptly elected Tower Hamlets Councillors such as Rabina Khan in previous local elections were the key to success. We are still baffled exactly where Rabina was in a previous contest. 

The strategy is quite simple. Only attempt to get maximum support of the Bangladeshi community and ignore the rest of the electorate.

In practise this means only allowing members of the Bangladeshi community to attend election meetings supposedly open to all and not attending hustings events where there might be others who hold a different view.

This approach is further reinforced by extensive use of Bangladeshi in both written and spoken electoral communications. Invitations to press conferences are only extended to the Bangladeshi media.

The ultimate result of this is that a significant minority of our community – proud, hard-working and respected – are denied the local political representation they deserve.

Sideshow over, main event begins

The real political event in Tower Hamlets will happen next year when the local elections for councillors and the directly-elected Mayor take place.

All reports, both formal and anecdotal,  indicate that Tower Hamlets police did a good job of keeping the electoral thugs away from the polling stations yesterday.

Problem being that in the topsy turvy world of our borough this General Election was of little interest to those who want to get their hands on real power which lies within the Town Hall.

Local politics in Tower Hamlets is a street fight. The authorities might do well to remember this and remove their boxing gloves.

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