Tower Hamlets General Election 2017 Polling Day Policing Updates

Tower Hamlets police are mounting an extensive operation across the Borough today to ensure the integrity of the democratic process. They are providing key stakeholders and the Independent Advisory Group (IAG) with several updates throughout the day in addition to their previous reports which you can find here and here.

The first police Situation Report Tower Hamlets Elections 2017 is unchanged from the previous report on 6th June. Nothing happening. Which is just how we like it.

LW will update this page throughout the day but don’t expect it to be a fountain of breaking news and dramatic stories.

Update 21:00

No new reports of any allegations.

Update 18:00 – one new report

Latest update shows one new report (14 in table below) where a Councillor has expressed his concerns to the police about the content of a rival candidates’ election leaflet. This is ongoing.

It seems likely that the election leaflet in question is the one shown below for Oliur Rahman which was handed out near St. Edmund’s School on the Isle of Dogs.

The Bengali script at the top translates as “Sample Ballot Paper”

LW is not sure if the document itself is illegal but the use of a foreign language is against the rules.

Individuals report on Facebook that identical documents have been found inside polling booths.

Probably a simple memory lapse by one of Oliur Rahman’s supporters as they voted. Could happen to anyone (cough).

Update 15:00 – two new reports

There’s always someone who (allegedly) tries it on isn’t there? Below you can see the updated list of electoral offences and it has two additions from the report of 06 June. (They are marked with a star)

One is concerns re unknown males seen handing out leaflets encouraging people not to vote by a member of the public (well done!) and the other is a possible case of personating using a proxy vote. Local Tower Hamlets police attended the first incident, the Special Enquiry Team attended the second.

We should have the next update this evening.

NumberReport formatAllegationReported BySET Update
1Crime reportCrimestoppers allegation of fraudulent voter registration at an address AnonymousSET in contact with LBTH. Assessment conducted. Complete.
2Crime report Allegation of Undue Influence Sec 115 RPA Member of PublicComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
3Crime report Breach of Purdah rules by rival candidateCouncillorComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
4Crime report Breach of Purdah rules. Use of school for campaigning by rival candidateCouncillorComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
5Crime report Complaint about use of unregistered political party details on an election leafletMember of PublicComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
6Crime report Breach of Purdah rules at LBTH event by rival candidateCouncillorComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
7Crime report Breach of Purdah rules at LBTH event by rival candidateCouncillorComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
8Intel reportPotential for expenses declaration breach by rival candidateCouncillorAssessment being conducted. Any breach will not be identified until expenses returns submitted post election. Ongoing.
9Crime reportImprint offence by rival candidateCouncillorAssessment conducted. Electoral Commission advised no offence. Warning Letter issued. Complete.
10Crime reportAllegation of False Statement re Candidate Sec 106 RPA CouncillorComplainant contacted. Assessment being conducted. Ongoing.
11Intel reportConcerns re a public meeting scheduled to be held post UKPGE.Member of PublicAssessment conducted. No electoral offences apparent. Recorded for intelligence purposes. Complete.
12*Intel reportConcerns re unknown males seen handing out leaflets encouraging people not to vote. Member of PublicLocal police attended. Recorded by SET for intelligence purposes. Complete.
13*Crime ReportPersonating (Proxy Vote)Member of PublicSET attended scene and are investigating.
14*Crime ReportConcerns re content of rival candidates’ leafletCouncillorComplainant contacted. Assessment conducted. Ongoing.

Update 13:07

Tower Hamlets police inform us that here has been no change to Tower Hamlets notifications of possible electoral offences although two more have been added to the London wide list.

Trial by Jeory open comment thread

The inimitable Ted Jeory has his traditional Election Day Special open comment thread now running on Trial by Jeory. Pop over there for some political discourse, stay here for our Cordon Tape Competition! (See below).

Clearly posted information telling everyone what is and what is not legal at polling stations. Can’t argue with that.

Woohoo! Cordon tape!

More likely are stories about cordon tape! Yay!

Our first cordon tape story is that the ‘exclusion zones’ outside polling stations look like this one at Wyvis Street in Poplar.

Exclusion zone outside polling station.

The idea behind the exclusion zones is to keep the thugs who like to intimidate voters at a distance so they are ineffective.

Polling station, Wyvis Street, Poplar. Maybe the exclusion zone tape is too effective?

So…er… that’s the end of that particular tape story. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Contacting police about electoral crimes

Anyone with any information about potential election fraud or malpractice is asked to pass that to the police so it can be investigated. Email the police Special Enquiry Team (SET) at, call 101, or contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 who will will pass the information on to Tower Hamlets Police.

Update 13:00 LW Polling Station Cordon Tape Competition

Our Cordon Tape competition is now live!

How does it work? Simples. You go and vote and take a suitably gorgeous photo of polling station cordon tape on the way out.

Tweet us your Cordon Art and we will select a winner from both the entries tomorrow.

Competition Small Print: You have to vote to take part. Multiple submissions and voting is not allowed. No.


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