Tower Hamlets Council fails voters even before General Election 2017 polls open

Despite all the good work being put in by the police it seems as if the Council’s IT department have failed to carry out a basic job yet again.

LW has previously criticised the lame and inept efforts to provide voters with a simple and effective way to find out where their polling station is.

This morning we checked once again that this had been done and can report that it has not.

Tower Hamlets shiny new map of polling stations. Pretty – but doesn’t work.

Visit, if you can be bothered, this link on the Council site to the Polling station locator

Enter your postcode. Does it work?

LW tried five times to use the Tower Hamlets shiny new map of polling stations and each time it did not.


But obviously we are far too good mannered to behave in such a way.

Update: The Council have told us the Polling Station Locator now works. LW has checked it and it does.  

Instead we did a quick spot check of other parts of the country including sarf Lunnun, Devon and Edinburgh to see if we could find polling stations in those areas. The results are below.

It would be unfair to just blame the IT people who delivered software that is not fit for purpose.

The Council officers responsible for the website are also to blame.

As is the Returning Officer.

As are the Councillors who allow this shoddy level of work to continue.

It’s just so sad.

Our professional advice? Just a simple form which takes a postcode as input and a simple text result of the correct polling station as output. That is all that is needed. A map? Optional extra.

Crowd Testing

Please have a check of our Council’s shiny new map of polling stations and report back. Maybe it’s just us?

Geek Stuff

We tested on:

OS X Yosemite 10.10.5

Google Chrome Version 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit)


Windows 10 Home Version 1511

Microsoft Edge 25.10586.672.0


3 thoughts on “Tower Hamlets Council fails voters even before General Election 2017 polls open

  1. It worked OK for me if a little slow, using Safari on an Apple Mac
    In addition the map highlights the polling stations and the polling districts so you can work it out for yourself without entering an address.
    But if others have an issue let me know

  2. The list of addresses for my postcode was incomplete (it didn’t include my house, for example). I had to click on another residence and find my polling station that way.

    I imagine all residences in a given postcode will have the same polling station (surely?) so this would work for anybody.

    Still shoddy getting the list wrong in the first place though.

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