Skylight at Tobacco Dock raises a Wapping £22k for charities

Tobacco Dock has been doing its community thing – and then some. Seems all drinks were on the house at Tobacco Dock’s new rooftop destination Skylight last weekend.

Instead of buying drinks customers were asked to donate to two charities – the British Red Cross’ Saturday Night For London’ in aid of the victims of the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks and the Jo Cox Foundation’s ‘Great Get Together’.

Skylight Bar. The Dock. Photo by Steve Dunlop

“It’s clear that Londoners are defying those who seek to change our way of life, and our customers were proud to stand side-by-side with the excellent charities that support victims of attacks and foster understanding between different communities,”

Tobacco Dock and Skylight will also support this weekend’s “Great Get Together” on June 18th by sponsoring a family fun day on the Wapping Canal right next to Tobacco Dock.

Mr Burns

It is unclear if Mr Burns will attend but, if people have nice fresh fish, it is quite likely.

Skylight occupies the top three levels of a former car park in Wapping with capacity for 600 people and has multiple bars, three croquet lawns, petanque courts and street food stalls.

Skylight Bar – some view huh? Photo by Steve Dunlop

The Wapping Mole may yet see quite how good the croquet lawns are from a burrowing perspective, but then Moley still thinks a rooftop destination is something only Father Christmas has.

LW Comment

It is refreshing to see an organisation like Tobacco Dock taking their duties as a member of our community so seriously. Raising £22,000 in four days is amazing.

If any other companies in Wapping or St. Katharine Docks that donate large sums of money to local causes please let us know!

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