Raw courage defeats pure evil at London Bridge

Six innocent people dead, at least 48 injured, three male attackers shot dead by police.

The attack at London Bridge and Borough Market would have resulted in a much higher death toll if it were not for the raw courage of the Metropolitan Police’s firearms officer who, within eight minutes of the first 999 calls, were putting themselves between the threat and us.

Consider too the unarmed police officers and ambulance service staff who were in the middle of the attack treating the injured with little if any consideration for their own safety.

 None will mourn the passing of the three evil cowards who the police shot dead on the streets of our London.

Good riddance to their tortured souls. It is fitting that they died in the gutter where they belong.

Bar stools and beer glasses

Some reports tell of ordinary people taking on the attackers with bar stools and beer glasses – most symbolic weapons –  as the pubs and restaurants in which they were enjoying a Saturday night out became the front lines.

There should be no criticism of our security services who work in the shadows to identify and track the terrorists before they attack. The sheer number of planned attacks on our way of life which have been foiled is staggering and, as we always knew, one day those who only believe in evil would manage to get through and murder.

Once the full details of the London Bridge attacks are known there comes the time when we as a nation have to ask how to prevent more attacks?

Whatever the conclusion the authorities should bear in mind that Londoners, like the people of Manchester, will not simply wait and see if they become the next innocent victims.

Fight those who fight us

We as a nation need to up our game and take the fight to those who are trying to destroy us.

That will mean facing some uncomfortable truths and quite likely taking radical action with which some will disagree.

Reality is that our past failures and typically British uncomplaining tolerance of the views of others are now coming back to haunt us.

Unless we take draconian measures now the cowardly attacks on our very way of life will continue.

And that cannot and will not be allowed to happen.

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