Lufur Rahman’s campaign continues with Iftar “Comeback 2022” gathering

Yes, you read that headline correctly. Lutfur Rahman, the corruptly elected ex-Mayor banned from office until 2020 is taking the long term view and planning ahead for 2022 as well as running his proxy Mayoral candidate Ohid Ahmed for the 2018 Mayoral Election.

8pm is the time, Wednesday 14th June is the date, The Atrium is the venue and 124 Cheshire St, London E2 6EJ is the address for Lutfur’s comeback Iftar gathering in preparation for 2018 and 2022. 

Presumably anyone can turn up? Only one way to find out I suppose. Should be fun, around 500 people are expected.

Baffled, dazed and confused

For those baffled by how someone banned from standing for public office can be, er, actively running an electoral campaign even after his new comeback party was denied registration by the Electoral Commission the back story goes something like this.

Lutfur Rahman believes that his latest request for a Judicial Review (JR) of the judgement handed down by the Election Court will succeed.

Few other people do.

If the Judicial Review should result in Lutfur Rahman being allowed to stand for public office then he will immediately announce his candidacy to become directly elected Executive Mayor of Tower Hamlets in 2018 and Cllr. Ohid Ahmed gets to go home empty handed.

If the Judicial Review is not granted and or fails then Lutfur will have to bide his time until 2022, probably have to settle for immediately being appointed a ‘Special Advisor to the Mayor’ by Ohid Ahmed should Ohid win the 2018 Mayoralty campaign.

This being Tower Hamlets you should read ‘Special Advisor to the Mayor’ as meaning Mayor, natch.  Not sure what Mayor means in that situation but hey let’s cross that political bridge when we come to it.

Despite Lutfur personally calling people and inviting them along to Wednesday’s Iftar his support base is much weaker than it was.

One example of this is the fact the Cllr. Oliur Rahman lost his deposit in Poplar and Limehouse recently despite being the only candidate of Bangladeshi origin to campaign as MP and making the catastrophic mistake of being seen out with Lutfur Rahman at his side (above).

Multiple sources have told us that those Tower Hamlets Councillors who were once ardent fans of Lutfur Rahman have been warned by their local supporters to distance themselves from Rahman if they wish to retain the votes of the local community.

This distancing might simply be a reflection that without power the allure of Lutfur Rahman is diminished.

As soon as the power returns so will the attraction.

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