Vote for democracy today. Every vote strengthens our way of life.

In case anyone had not realised today is the day to cast your vote (and only your vote) in the General Election 2017.

LW has not interest in who you vote for, but vote you must.

By voting you reiterate your belief in the democratic process which is currently under threat in this country from both external and internal forces.

By voting in a democratic process you reject the warped beliefs of those who despise it.

By voting you carry the light of democracy forward for those who cannot – like Jo Cox.  Or those who were murdered last week at London Bridge and Borough Market.  Or the children in Manchester who will now never grow old enough to vote. Or PC Keith Palmer who died protecting the very heart of our democratic process.

So get yourself off to your polling station and vote.

Cat having a wash at Polling Station
Cat having a wash at Polling Station

Every vote in a democratic election annoys the terrorists a little bit. And lots and lots of votes annoys them a lot!

The police have a significant operation running in Tower Hamlets today to protect the ballot, updates on this throughout the day as we get them.


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