Eight tower blocks in Tower Hamlets with high or substantial fire risk

Cranbrook Estate Bow. Photo: Gordon Joly

A report by BBC News states that eight tower blocks in Tower Hamlets are believed to have a high/substantial fire risk.

Six of the blocks are on the Cranbrook Estate in Mace Street, Bow, E2 and were built in 1963.

  • Alzette House
  • Modling House
  • Offenbach House
  • Puteaux House
  • St Giles House
  • Velletri House

The other two tower blocks are Brewster House in Three Colt Street Limehouse and Brodick House in Saxon Road Bow.

According to the BBC report remedial work will take place on the tower blocks in the next ten days.

No information regarding the eight tower blocks could be found on the website of Tower Hamlets Council or Tower Hamlets Homes this morning.

Requests for statements have been made to both Tower Hamlets Council and Tower Hamlets Homes.

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3 thoughts on “Eight tower blocks in Tower Hamlets with high or substantial fire risk

  1. Omg I spent most of my younger life on cranbrook estate in the maisonettes when the estate was first built I’m sure they had the same green cladding.

  2. I live in St Gilles House and today we received a hand posted letter stating certain works need to be carried out and will be completed by October.

    1. Hi Chloe, thanks very much for getting in touch and letting us know what is going on in your block.

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