Amid troubled times a gesture of friendship and humanity in Wapping

At last some good news. Earlier this evening a beautifully presented package was left outside Wapping Noorani Masjid & Cultural Centre in Prusom Street just before Iftar.

The package


Inside was a gesture that has power and significance way beyond its size.

The gifts


The words

The letter reads as follows:

“To everyone at the Wapping noorani masjid & cultural centre,

This is a small gift for the breaking of fast. We wanted to show a little community support to Muslims, particularly after the recent attack in Finsbury Park but also because of the rise in anti-Muslim hate crime in London over the past few years and many other incidents singling out Muslims elsewhere.

We hope that you feel safe, respected and welcomed in your local community as well as the UK as a whole.

Best wishes,

Briony and Ben, local residents.”

LW Comment

None needed.


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