Wapping resident creates WhatsApp group for a Safer Wapping

Love Wapping is delighted to announce that Wapping resident Tim has created a WhatsApp group to help us all make Wapping a safe place to live. Maybe even walk our children home from school without fearing they will be killed by a thug in a car. 

Below is the original comment from Tim which we reproduce in full. As Tim says, please sign up! 

Thug in car crashes Kennet Street – one day someone will be killed just because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“I agree that it seems the council, police etc are trying to manage 21st century society with 20th century approaches and there’s clearly a lack of a well co-ordinated effort to positively improve the current position, particularly in regards to speeding and anti-social behaviour.

I feel that we as residents of Wapping need to take some proactive steps towards reducing speeding and associated asb in the area – in order to keep Wapping safe and pleasant for all.

As a result, I have created a new WhatsApp group called Safer Wapping which I invite you all to join and invite others to join. (The Wapping Mole has already joined.)

Click to visit WhatsApp site

Conscious that a large portion of attendees at the police meeting on Thursday night were of an older demographic and there were very few people who I know personally, it would be great to get support of people on here to actively share the link and encourage other people to join.

I appreciate not everyone will be using WhatsApp but it is one of the best 21st century tools available for group co-ordination. (Seconded, it is – Wapping Mole)

As a collective group of residents we are much more influential than we are individually, both in relation to dealing with Police and the Council but also in relation to taking proactive steps to discouraging unpleasant practices in the Wapping area.

As soon as we can get the group numbers up, the intention is to organise a Wapping residents meeting where we can discuss the highest priority problem areas and start implementing steps to reduce the issues.

I have a few ideas about steps that we as residents can take but welcome any and all contributions from other members of the Wapping community.”

For more information

LW Comment

Thanks Tim! Not only for doing something we were thinking about (so saving us even more work) but also suggesting organising a meeting for Wapping residents so we can talk to each other about what we need to do.

More on this soon.

It is clear that we can neither rely on the police or the Council to keep us safe, so we might as well just get on and do it ourselves.


And please do sign up for the new police Owl online watch system as well.

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